Diversity and Inclusion Policy - British Florist Association

Diversity and Inclusion Policy

The British Florist Association is committed to the elimination of any unlawful and unfair discrimination within our industry.

We recognise that, as an Association, there is more we can achieve to promote active inclusivity. We want to work with our members and the industry to show the value that a diverse workforce brings.

The BFA is actively working towards not only a clear outwardly facing, diverse association but one that shows our values throughout its operation. The BFA holds this as a core  value within our association.

Everything we do is for the benefit of our members and the focus of our activities are driven by member feedback. We are passionate and committed to the successful future of the floral industry.

It is our aim to recruit and retain people with the behaviours that support our goals and who will grow with us and the industry regardless of the colour of their skin, their ethnicity or their culture.

This statement announces our intention and commitment to proactively support our members and the industry to promote and embrace inclusion and diversity practices.

If we all do our best, we will make a difference.

To download the Diversity and Inclusion Policy please CLICK HERE

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