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For the Consumer: Find a florist near you and advice on caring for your flowers

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If you need to order flowers for a gift, a wedding, a funeral or anything in between, a local florist is the best person to contact. A local professional florist will have the ability and skill to create a special design after discussion with you or you can order through their websites from any number of designs they offer.

Use our map below to locate a number of florists near you which you can choose from.

The pink pins on our map are retail shops which you can visit in person and will have flowers on display as well as plants and other giftware for you to view.

The blue pins on our map are studio florists who may or may not have a space you can visit and shop from but they work from their location on providing florals.

If there are several to choose from in your area, we recommend visiting their profiles and websites and choose the style you feel is best suited to you or the person the flowers are intended for.

  • A florist business showing a BFA logo supports their industry and is an active member of our community.
  • A florist showing an Institute of Professional Florists logo is a personal member and has proved their level of training in order to gain membership. They also commit to proving their professionalism with continued professional development which is monitored.

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I’ve got flowers! what do I do with them?

If you have bought flowers for yourself or received them you’ll need to follow a few simple steps so that you can enjoy your flowers for the longest time possible. Usually there will be both instructions and flower food included with the delivery. Follow the links below for our advice

If you have any questions The British Florist Association will be happy to help and point you in the right direction. Simply email us on

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