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BFA on Brexit

Brexit is a huge topic for British Florists and that’s why the BFA are working in many ways to get the voice of the British florist heard… loudly! Below lists some of the work that’s been going on behind the scenes to influence the government to appreciate the florists position in Brexit negotiations.

  • Firstly the BFA have spearheaded a Brexit group; bringing together some of the most prominent figures and florist industries key players.  It was essential that the industry worked together in unity. *The group includes:
    • Gary Wallis – CEO, Jane packer
    • David Cohen – Director Moysey Stevens and the Flower Station
    • Leanne Roberts-Hewitt – Director of Wild about Flowers
    • Simon Lycett – Director Simon J Lycett Ltd.
    • Chris Hill – Director of Spring Bank Flowers
    • John Dunstan – Finance director of Interflora Services
    • Lorraine Key – CEO Eflorist International
    • Chris Price – Business sales manager Eflorist
    • Steve France Florismart
    • Frank Muller – Hilverda de Boer
    • Helen Evan –  Director of business developement and support, New Covent Garden Market
    • Chanel de Kock – UK Marketing Manager Flower Council of Holland
    • Marc Eijsackers – Managing director of Flower Council of Holland
    • Mark Ward – president of Florint international
    • Mark Bennett – Director of Strelitzia
    • Tom Le Mesurier – Managing director of Florist up my Street
    • Jen Clarke – UK Manager Sjaak van der vijver
  • There have been several times since Autumn 2017, that the cut flower industry Brexit round table has met and worked in many ways.
  • The BFA compiled a Brexit Survey, this was then distributed and completed by florists all over the UK thoughout October, November, December and into January. CLICK HERE for the results
  • The cut flower industry Brexit round table group have researched many issues including import taxes, transport costs, VAT, and the exchange rate, as well as the collation of the great information we gathered from the survey.
  • We have created the official Brexit Statement. 
  • BFA Chairman Brian Wills-Pope has had meetings with many promient figures including:
    • Simon Smits, The Dutch Ambassador
    • Nigel Jenny CEO of the Fresh Produce Consortium (FPC)
    • Neil Parish M.P of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee (EFRA)
    • Helen Evan Director of business development and support, New Covent Garden Market.
  • The April 18 meeting of the cut flower industry Brexit round table group we were joined by a Dutch embassy representative.
  • Set up the Brexit@britishfloristassociation email for specific brexit communications.


Getting the word out…

We now need you to take action 

Following the action carried out by florists in early May, we will be creating a press statement and having it sent to many journalists and media outlets, we need Florist’s voices to be heard on the subject of Brexit.


The challenges to secure the best possible future for the British Florist Industry cannot be overlooked. In order for us to enable the florist businesses to prepare and be ready for the 29th March 2019, we at the BFA are calling on the UK Government to give the British Florist industry certainty on future policy and trading relationships to this end we have written a joint UK industry statement, which will be sent to government imminently. CLICK HERE to read the statement in full.


*Many other floristry professionals from around the UK were invited to be part of the group, the individuals listed are generously giving their time and knowlege to help our industry.

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