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Brexit The call to action!

As you know the BFA have been investigating Brexit and how that may affect our industry.

Our next stage is to inform the government and members of Parliament to make them aware how Brexit could affect your daily trading.

At the BFA we are in touch with Government, Ministers and Officials, but now WE NEED YOU, to ensure that your local member of parliament is aware of Brexit and how it could affect your business.

What you need to do;

Contact your local press

The 3 simple steps. We’d like you to contact your local papers explaining the situation your may be in! – we’ve made this really easy:

1. Download OUR PRESS RELEASE, but we’d be please for you to make it your own and altering it if/as you wish

2. Attach the OFFICIAL BREXIT STATEMENT (this has been rigorously researched & carefully created and will give lots of information, please do not change the official Brexit Statement!)

3. Email/send it to your local paper adding in your side of things, we have created a TEMPLATE EMAIL for you to use adding your own information.  We’d like to be copied in on the email

Contact your local MP

The 3 simple steps. We need you to email your local MP our Brexit statement – we’ve made this really easy:

1. Visit to find your local MP’s email address

2A. Download OUR SET LETTER, adding it to your headed paper/email and altering it if/as you wish

2B. Attach the official Brexit statement (this has been rigorously researched & carefully created, please do not change this official Brexit Statement!)

3. Email/send it to your local MP, we’d like to be copied in on the email

We need your MP to know the following.

  • The impact any future tariffs or tax levies may have on flower and plant material. This could be as much as 8-12% on goods received from European countries.
  • To review, streamline or remove any unnecessary and burdensome EU regulations where appropriate.
  • No increase in regulations concerning quality, control of pest and disease of goods, imported and exported.
  • To co-operate with other organisations in EU countries.
  • To have the ability to import and export without any interference of EU/UK legislation.
  • To ensure that Florists can continue to work in the EU.
  • To ensure that florists from the EU are able work in the UK.

You’ll find the link for the draft letter for you to place on your headed note paper together with the official Brexit statement above. Please feel free to change any wording in the letter that may relate to your business. Please do not change any wording in the Statment.

We would be very grateful if you could inform us when you have done this and any replies you receive, please email us on

Please help us spread the word!!

We need all florists to get behind this, it truely is in all our interests that we are heard.

Please take whatever action you can to spread the word to other florists!

Later this month we’ll also be getting the word out to the press and consumers – we’ll be asking for your help with that too. 

Also very importantly!

After reading some of the information in this section of the website, you know that the BFA are working hard for the florist trade regarding Brexit.

We have met MP’s, visited Portcullis House, talked to Chairman’s and leaders of related organisations, surveyed florists, formed a round table Brexit group, asked a lot of questions, met, discussed, planned and worked hard for our beloved Industry.

It is important that we can show a united florist industry and that we represent a large number of florists and suppliers, so if you are not a member please give careful consideration to joining the associaiton, it’s not expensive and we ask you to do this, not just for your business in relation to Brexit, but for the numerous benefit it will bring.

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