Press coverage on BFA Action - British Florist Association

Press coverage on BFA Action

The BFA have been tirelessly spearheading Brexit campaigning within our industry for the voice of florists throughout the UK heard.

They have done this in a number of ways, with calls to government being top of list. It’s now clear that the BFA have been campaigning so hard for the rights of florists and for our industries point of view to be fully appreciated in negociations that we’ve attracted National press coverage. 

Brian Wills-Pope stated “Whilst this article paints a  very negative picture for florists post Brexit, it does reflect the sorts of challenges we as an association have put into our statement to government, having throughly researched the situatuion. the impact that Brexit could have without our lobbing” He goes onto say, the article is very right to say “Whilst floristry is a big industry it is made up of many small retailers, we have to stick together and we at the BFA are making sure that the voice of the florist and the industry as a whole is heard”.

Read the full article here

“It’s wonderful that national press has picked up and printed that we’re exceptionally savvy when it comes to action plans and briefings” Association Manager Tracy Tomlinson said, she continued “However, we won’t rest on our laurels and will continue to ramp up the pressure on government. We care too much about our industry for politicians not to take our concerns seriously.”

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