Day Two of British Flower Week will saw British flowers and foliage at the heart of government, as the British Florist Association and students from Capel Manor College take a vast floral display behind the doors of Number 10 Downing Street.

In celebration of British Flowers week number 10 Downing Street have endorsed the campaign as they welcomed a stunning display of British flowers and foliages into the magnificent entrance hall of the Prime Minister’s residence.

Our BFA Chair ‘Brian Wills-Pope’ took on the task of making the arrangements with officials at No. 10. Whilst Students from BFA member Berkshire College pull their sleeves up and took on the  task of actually creating the stunning arrangement.


A selection of beautiful British Flowers are kindly being donated by Florismart, who are well know for backing British growers. They are currently touring all the RHS Shows with the British Flower Bus promoting British Flowers to all!

The British Selection of flowers included in the urn were:

  • Peonies
  • Lilies
  • Iris
  • Delphinium
  • Erynigium
  • limonium
  • Alstromeria

Along with a fabulous aray of British Foliage.

The flowers were delivered on Wednesday 20th June, Prime Minister was just leaving, although our sources say that she was delighted with the arrangement when she saw it.

We attached a card with the flowers that was recieved by Theresa that read

“In celebration of British Flowers Week, the annual event of British flowers founded by New Covent 
Garden Flower Market, this beautiful arrangement has been designed by the students of Berkshire College with the support of the British Florist Association and flowers from Florismart. We hope you enjoy it.  

Yours sincerely

Brian Wills-Pope, Chairman of the BFA.”

We’re pleased to arrange, and get this element of British Flowers week back. It happened for the first time in 2015 and it was clearly enjoyed by the then PM and the stream of visitors and employees at No.10.  The Best of British Flowers and foliage were welcomed back again in 2016.  With a break in 2017, we’re delighted to send our prime minister Theresa May this superb arrangement. 

It took pride of place right inside the door so EVERY visitor to this very busy front door will have see the specticle of British Flowers – a fantastic promotion for both British Floristry and British Flowers.



We arranged for British Flowers to be delivered to the Prime Minister’s residence for the first time in 2015 and clear that this was enjoyed by the PM  and the stream of vistors and employees at No. 10.  The Best of British Flowers and foliage was in the form of a stunning design which was welcomed back again in 2016.  

So what goes into getting a display of flowers ardoring the entrance hall at one of the most famous residences in the Country, Brian explained after a chuckle “I won’t got into detail, but what seemed like a thousand emails, but I was pleased to take care of it.  It’s very important to give the British flower Industry this support and celebrate British Flowers week” he continued “Education is such an important part of what the BFA do, the students have done a great job, and we’re pleased to have been able to give them the opportunity of creating an arrangement.”

It wasn’t a usual delivery for our floristry students! Not just because it was to No. 10, not just because of the security checks, but because of what came next!

The Tour of no. 10!

A brilliant perk of the job, the team that made the design were invited to have a guided tour of No. 10. An unforgettable experience for everyone! It was a huge honour to enter each room that was filled with extraordinary tradition. The significance of the location and the history of the house resenated even more when climbing the stairs and seeing portraits of every Priminister the country has ever seen.  No doubt it was an experience that would be remembered for a long time to come.

More about British Flowers week 

To find out more about British Flowers week click on the link below.


Another highlight of British Flowers Week 2018 were the displays in the British Garden Museum. Arranged by the masterminds of the campaign, New Covent Garden Flower Market fo find out more visit

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