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Level 3 ‘Mickey Mouse’ qualification- THE FACTS

Telegraph article ,City and Guilds level 3 Diploma in Floristry. Called Mickey Mouse qualification. Camilla Turner.

An article written by Camilla Turner, Education Editor of the Telegraph has caused outrage amongst florists around the Country. Reading the alarming article gives the impression that all is doom and gloom but that’s simply not the case. Tracy Benton the Principle Moderator for City and Guilds floristry and Team Manager for the Institute of Professional Florists said in a statement ………

You may have all seen in the news recently the DfE confirmed that some qualifications are facing the axe in funding and many of you have been posting on numerous social media platforms that the future of floristry is in demise; however, I would like to put the record straight and confirm the following changes are going to occur; some of which have been in the pipeline for many, many years. 

Over the past four years or so the Institute of Professional Florists, Training and Education Committee have worked closely with City & Guilds on writing new technical qualification for both the Level 2 and Level 3 Floristry to replace the existing qualification, which the government are now pulling funding for, especially on Level 3. This insures the new qualifications align with what the DfE, Ofqual and Ofsted want, so these qualifications are not only delivered to assess the students practical ability but delivered and assessed holistically a candidates overall performance; which includes essential practical skills, employ ability skills, transferable skills and most recently, millennium skills.

It does state in the FE weekly, the government want to make any future level 3 and qualifications below, including T-levels and apprenticeships an option for young people as a stepping stone to access HE courses, including gaining UCAS points to gain access to Universities. So it does makes complete sense that the government are withdrawing any funding for FE qualifications that cannot offer that.

With more that 12,000 qualifications available at level 3; the government, department for education and individual retail sectors should all be in agreement to streamline this confusion.

I can assure you that the new Technical qualifications have been written by educational experts, subject specific experts and industry experts; checked by Quality assurance in industry and by the governing body and is robust, industry relevant and above all a recognised qualification in industry.

If you have any further comments on this thread, please email me on tracy.benton@instituteofprofessionalflorists.org

The BFA will be contacting the Telegraph to ask why they reported in a such a manner that has caused concern to so many florists and that this sensationalist journalism is unnecessary and damaging to the industry.

To read more information about other courses related to this article click here https://feweek.co.uk/2019/07/22/revealed-the-btecs-facing-the-axe-in-level-3-and-below-qualifications-review/

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