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Worldskills UK Floristry Competition

Each year young florists put their knowledge to the test as they enter a floristry competition unlike any other!

Worldskills UK competitions offers young florists an exceptional opportunity that can propel their careers and take them to places they’d only dreamt of!


WorldSkills UK Competitions bring together trainees and young people from across the country to compete to be the best in their chosen skills which are as diverse as Floristry to Hairdressing, Landscape Gardening, Electronics and Welding.

It’s about inspiring the next generations to be ambitious in their pursuit of excellence, while equipping them with life-long, world class skills. WorldSkills UK plays a vital role in raising standards, esteem and levels of expertise through out the UK and across the globe.

These talented individuals will be key in helping UK businesses compete on the global stage and raise standards to an international level, which is now more important than ever.

The possibilities and opportunities are endless for young people that get involved with worldskills, you only have to look back at previous Worldskills international competitors – Joe Massie, Victoria Richards, Chloe Woolf, Louisa Cooper, Danielle Scandone and our current International competitor Elizabeth Newcombe to understand how fantastic this journey is, how it has helped them to achieve their dreams and how it can do the same for you!

How the Competition Works?


Firstly you must register for the competition! You will be able to submit your details from 8 March to 5 April 2019. During your registration you can allocate your first and second choice of Heat venue, see the venues below.

You register directly with the Worldskills UK. Currently you can register your interest until the main registration opens click on the link below to do that now!


Following your registration you will be sent the Passive stage schedule together with the schedules for the Heats.


This year the competition differs from previous years with an additional Stage 1 – Passive stage.

This is a photographic entry competition, designed to demonstrate the competitor’s skill ability with Floristry.  Full details will be sent following registration, the last chance to get images received will be the 12th April 2019.

  • Competitors will be asked to make a floristry design and submit 2 photographs one top view and the other a profile/side view. All photographs should be on 1 sheet photo quality – All photos should be sent digitally in High quality JPEG format. Photo’s should not be digitally edited or enhanced and should be the candidates own work.
  • Competitors will also be asked to submit a detailed description of the design ie the colour harmony and textural materials used. They will also be asked to provide a list of flowers and foliage used with variety names.
  • All photographs submitted in time will be judged.  All competitors reaching a mark of 50% or higher will be invited to compete at the second stage of the competition.


All competitors reaching 50% or higher from Stage 1 will be invited to compete at the Live regional Heats.

  • Competitors will be asked to bring one completed design to be judged at their chosen venue. The piece created will be at the competitor’s own expense.
  • Competitors will be asked to undertake two further competition pieces in situ, maximum working time of 2 hours per task. Flowers and sundries will be supplied for these two competition pieces.
  • At the start of the competition an allotted time will be allocated for conditioning, familiarisation and preparation of materials. This is not part of the working time.

Heat Locations:

Bicton College                                   Thursday 2nd May 2019
Capel Manor College                        Saturday 18th May 2019
Moreton Morrell College                 Thursday 6th June 2019
Sheffield College                              Tuesday 11th June 2019
Coleg Cambria                                 Wednesday 12th June 2019  This is a super heat with Hairdressing and Beauty
CAFRE College                                 Thursday  20th June 2019

UK National Final taking place at the NEC in November as part of WorldSkills UK live

The top 8 competitors from the National Heats will be invited to compete at the UK National Final.

  • This stage will consist of 5 timed tasks over two days with a maximum working time of 3 hours per task. Two of the items will be surprise tasks and the schedules will not be given out until the start of each of these competitions.
  • All flowers, sundries will be supplied for all these competition pieces
  • At the start of the competition an allotted time will be allocated for conditioning, familiarisation and preparation of materials. This is not part of the working time

Further information, including pre-competition sample materials, are available on the WorldSkills UK website. CLICK HERE for more information


The British Florist Association is the official Indusry Partner organising all the nationwide qualifying heats ahead of the UK grand finals, and attend 3-4 Partner meetings every year.  In fact, the BFA was awarded Partner of the Year status in 2014 and given a Special Mention in 2015 as one of the 3 finalists. we in delivering the WorldSkills UK Floristry Competition. The competition is run by the IoPF Chairman Sandie Griffith under the BFA umbrella.

Floristry is one of over 70 competitions in the overall UK Wide skills competitions.

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