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The BFA and Chelsea Flower Show.

For 11 years the BFA’s involvment with the RHS Chelsea Flower Show has been one of great pleasure and a huge publicity for not only your trade association but also those hundreds of florists that competed in the heats and finals of the ‘RHS Chelsea Florist of the Year’ and the ‘RHS Young Chelsea Florist of the Year’.

with 32 florists at every RHS Chelsea event the BFA have helped 387 florists experience the wonder of

‘ The Greatest show on Earth’.

Visits from the Queen and many other Royals and some super celebrities enjoying a day out. We hope you enjoy a small portion of the 387 designs and the memories of the wonderful work created by all those that entered.

The first year that our florist finalist entered in 2009 and the come back of the Florist of the Year competition. These Hats had the Queen interested when Dennis Van Wonderen introduced Her Majesty to the wonders of Floristry. See more pictures below of the queen and visiting celebs.

Floral parasols from 2010.

Floral Jocky silks designed by florists in 2011. Created a bit of a stir as the mounted horse went through the showground.

Just a few of the amazing Chandeliers from 2012 RHS Chelsea finalists

The Circle of life, a few of the 2013 photos taken at Chelsea Flower Show.

2014…. the dresses. The only time all competitors in the senior section got medals. Well deserved too. The crowds were huge, so much so, one of the exhibitors next to the exhibits complained as the 6 deep public queued around to see the fabulous floristry.

The two winning designs from Florist of the Year and Young florist of the Year in 2015.

Just a few of the spectacular headdresses from the 2016 competition.

‘Lets go fly a Kite’ theme for 2017. Well done to Victoria Clemson and Hannah Mae Lane

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Just a few photos of the 387 competitors that exhibited at RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

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