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Covid-19 Documents and Policies.

As employers and business owners we all need to ensure that you have the correct information.

We have included 2 documents here for everyone to use. Use the time you have, to ensure that you and your employees are up to date with the regulations required while Covid-19 exists and staff have been laid off. Some of it may not be applicable to you and your business but we have made these available and may be useful at a later date.

The first is the Covid-19 letter to employees. A useful document that includes all the relevant information you need for your employees. Please use this letter to inform your employees of their rights. It is your responsibility to ensure that they have the correct information. This includes

  • Letter to employees setting out position on absence and pay due to Coronavirus

The 2nd is a Checklist for managing Covid -19 at work. A document for those that are working alone with a driver or with your partner. A simple based checklist to ensure that you are maintaining the correct Government guidelines and ensuring the safety of everyone. This includes

  • Assess the Risk & Refer to Your Business Contingency Plan
  • Notify Staff of Health & Safety Requirements
  • Provide Waste Disposal Facilities
  • Monitor Workplace Health
  • Organise Workflow to Reduce Risk of Infection
  • What to do if there is a suspected infection?
  • Annual Leave, Closing the Workplace, Lay-off & SSP

One of our member benefit partners has given several documents for our members and these can be downloaded here.

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