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British Florist Association Vision: Sponsor – DELIFLOR

Deliflor Chrysanten keeps surprising!

Being the market leader in breeding and propagating chrysanthemums, Deliflor wants to inspire growers, traders and florists with surprising new chrysanthemum varieties year-round. Because of our intensive breeding activities, we are able to introduce around 15 new commercial varieties throughout the year, each year! By doing so, we enable our growers to select new colours and shapes which they can add to the colourful collections they supply. And also, we give florists the opportunity to surprise their customers with new flowers every time. That’s our way of  bringing beauty to life.

Vision Sponsor Deliflor

Novelties of 2021

This year we have already added so many new varieties to our assortment! New disbudded and spray varieties, but we also keep adding lovely santini chrysanthemums to our collection. The demand for these small varieties is high and we were able to breed some striking novelties in this segment. The large disbuds remain popular as always and we have added some extraordinary shapes, such as the pink spider Cipria (see below) and a red addition to the outstanding Baltazar collection: Baltazar Flame. In the spray assortment we have added some nice spring/summer colours. So enough news to choose from. And a lot more coming this year!

NEW SANTINI: Maradona 

Maradona is a remarkable new santini by Deliflor. A chrysanthemum with a name that needs no explanation. The little man with the iconic stardom, who unfortunately passed away last year. An honorable name for this new white santini by Deliflor. Maradona is a combination of a spider santini and an anemone that makes it look like a true star. 

NEW DISBUDS: Cipria and Alemani

Recently Deliflor has introduced another beautiful new chrysanthemum: the pink spider Cipria. The light pink powder tint, the firm, thicker petals and the large flower make Cipria a striking asset in each bouquet! The good news is that in autumn we will also introduce Cipria Salmon, with a beautiful orange/salmon colour. In autumn we will also introduce a very nice green disbud called Alemani (See below). Keep your eyes out for this one!

NEW SPRAY: Abbey Cream

Abbey Cream is a new member of the Abbey family, which already consists of the white/pink Abbey and brighter Abbey Yellow. Abbey Cream has an astonishing colour and all quality characteristics of the Abbey series.

See the full range HERE on the Delifor website!

We’d like to thank Delifor for sponsoring Vision 2021, without such sponsors the BFA would not be able to facilitate this fantastic business networking and information giving forum. For Vision tickets and info CLICK HERE

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