Valentines survey results 2021 - British Florist Association

Valentines survey results 2021

BFA Valentines survey 2021

There was a great response to our Valentines survey. Below we have listed the questions and results so you can see for yourself. Thank you to everyone that took the time to complete it.

BFA Valentines survey 2021
Answer ChoicesResponses
Retail shop business in village/town/city76.02%130
Studio florist working from a unit16.96%29
Event/ wedding florist2.34%4
Freelance florist3.51%6
BFA Valentines survey 2021
Answer ChoicesResponses
Northern Ireland1.17%2
BFA Valentines survey 2021
Answer ChoicesResponses
Increased on last year68.86%115
Same as last year8.38%14
Less than last year7.19%12
I dont have an online website15.57%26
BFA Valentines survey 2021

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BFA Valentines survey 2021
Answer ChoicesResponses
Increased on last year37.35%62
Same as last year27.11%45
Less than last year29.52%49
I avoided roses and chose other flowers5.42%9
I stopped buying roses due to cost0.60%1
BFA Valentines survey 2021

Answer ChoicesResponses
less than 50057.65%98
between 500 and 100022.35%38
between 1000 and 150010.00%17
between 1500 and 20004.12%7
more than 20003.53%6
Other (please specify)2.35%4
BFA Valentines survey 2021
Answer ChoicesResponses
Mixture of Dutch & South American Countries21.30%36
Mixture of South American Countries4.73%8
Don’t know, got them from the wholesaler12.43%21
Other (please specify)5

‘Others’ – I grow and buy only British/seasonal flowers.

BFA Valentines survey 2021

BFA Valentines survey 2021
BFA Valentines survey 2021
Answer ChoicesResponses
Over 1 week ahead of valentines day20.24%34
The week leading up to Valentines Day58.33%98
In the last 2 days19.64%33
on the day1.79%3
Other (please specify)6


Other comments – Steadily for about 2 weeks before the went mad on the 13th and last minute calls on Saturday

BFA Valentines survey 2021
Answer ChoicesResponses
Yes because the cost of flowers has increased76.79%129
No, can’t see any difference12.50%21
I’ve stopped buying plants23.21%39
I can’t get sundries anymore13.69%23
Delays are becoming a problem24.40%41
I’m going to buy more UK grown17.86%30
I have to order my fresh products earlier than before26.79%45
Other (please specify)8.33%14
Always buy British when in season this year is no different
Plants are difficult due to plant passports, delays are a nuisance to everyone. I already try and buy more UK grown items but we need the Horticultural industry to step up and be given more support
Sundries are all running out at wholesalers but thought it was covid related because has been happening since way before Christmas
Can’t get plants yet 
I honestly don’t know yet, there are so many variables it could be covid as well as brexit that’s having an impact. I think the wholesalers have had the most impact 
My business has increased
Some sundries are becoming difficult to get
Flower prices have crept up in the las couple of weeks red rose’s pre-ordered were same as last year, stopped ordering most plants because they are mainly pick ups
Just changed the days we buy and work accordingly 
I can only buy plants for delivery once a week
Not so far
we could not get chocolate from IS 
No dropping in or click and collect!
flower prices very high prob dutch putting prices up to cover the losses they have had

Q 13. With Covid restrictions, lockdown, flower price increases, snow and delays is there anything else you would like to shout about! 

To read the comments click below. Thanks so much to everyone who completed this question. It gives us all a great insight into all parts of the UK. Our board directors also still work in shops during peak periods too so with their view and yours, its much appreciated. So you might need to sit down with a cup of tea as there some long answers and plenty of them


The British Florist Association (BFA) is ‘not for profit’ organisation which represents approximately 8000 florists and used its database of 5540 florists with Survey Monkey for the Christmas Survey 2020. We also shared this on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The content of these results belong to the BFA and use of the content should be agreed by the BFA and accredited to the Thank you.

Photo by Lukas from Pexels

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