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SME bp Fuel & Charge Card

bp Plus Fuel Card in partnership with BFA

Your BFA helping to tackle growing costs of fuel

Whether you deliver flowers from a retail shop or studio, use large vans to create beautiful events and weddings or are keeping the industry supplied using vans, you will have noticed the rising price of fuel. This essential purchase can really eat into your profits so the BFA have teamed up with bp to offer you a way to ‘beat the pump price’ every time you fill up.

We know that bp are enthusiastic about green and sustainable fuels as well so we hope to continue to work with them and assist you in all in becoming greener businesses as technology advances!

All the information about joining up, how the cards work, and where you can fuel up is all below so have a read and start saving today! You and your team will be easily topping up your vehicles so you monitor sales through your online app! easily see your savings and get a little more sleep at night knowing you have the best deal.

How it all works

The SME bp PL Fuel & Charge Card is designed primarily for the Car & Van market. On this card you get one price across the whole of the bp network including motorway sites.

SME bp Fuel & Charge Card

  • ULSD(Regular Diesel) at all bp locations in the UK: Pump minus 4ppl + 1ppl carbon offsetting
  • ULSP(Regular Unleaded) at all bp locations in the UK: Pump minus 3ppl + 1ppl carbon offsetting
  • All other grades at pump
  • Partner sites at pump
  • No card fees or anniversary fees or transactional charge
  • Accepted at approx. 3500 sites (BP, Gulf, Esso and Texaco)
  • BP 1280 Sites
  • Gulf 450 Sites
  • Texaco 800 Sites
  • Esso 1000 Sites
  • Accepted at over +8000 bp pulse charging locations for EV’s, the largest network in the UK.
  • Allocate card by Driver or Vehicle
  • Set purchase restrictions to suit your fleet’s needs
  • Manage & control all cards through Online Services
  • Advanced Card Security including Online Authorisation, PIN and BP Alerts
  • Monitor and control all your fuel spending using the management reports, graphs and charts of BP PLUS Online Services
  • BPme Rewards Loyalty programme is available for any driver. You can earn and redeem points.

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Pricing Data 2022

Please find pricing data showing the ppl rate complete with discount for regular diesel & unleaded


The BP network has the largest and strongest single oil company branded networks in the UK.  We are strategically located, on major routes and in and around major towns and cities.  Currently we have approx. 1280 sites across the UK the largest oil major in the UK which includes the following:

71 motorway sites (the largest quantity of any company) which represents more than 1 in 2 of the UK Motorway network.

Approx. 900 A Road sites.

Access to our online site locator can be found here


BPME is a smartphone app that allows driver to use their smartphones to pay for fuel (In vehicle) using their fuel card. All they need to do is select which pump they are at, input their VRN and their odometer reading and their security PIN, fuel up their car and leave the site. The BPME APP also works as a site locator and route planner showing the nearest BP sites to a drivers location.

bp Fuel & Charge Card

Customer are able to order Fuel & Charge cards which enables drivers to use bp Pulse Polar charging locations across the UK. This card allows the purchase of both fuel and charging with data all been fed into their online portal. BP Pulse have the largest network of EV charge points in the UK with over 8000 charging points and throughout 2021/22 BP are rolling out new charge points across the UK.

Invoicing and payment terms

Invoices would be sent to via e-billing. This provides a UK Tax approved, locked PDF, providing detail of your spend. This can be set up for as many email address as you desire.

In addition to this, an electronic file can be sent to up to 4 personnel via scheduled email providing the detail behind all the individual transactions.

Invoices and invoiced transaction file for the last 3 months are viewable and available for download through bp Online Service portal and via the Invoice Archive screen a further 13 months invoices can be viewed, which provide you with access to a total of 16 months invoices.

bp Target Neutral

The BFA is proud to offset the fleet carbon emissions in partnership with bp

It’s part of a broader strategy to reduce the carbon footprint of your business and work towards a positive change.

Carbon offsetting is a way to compensate for emissions by funding an equivalent reduction in carbon emissions elsewhere. Carbon offsets are created through financing activities that reduce or remove carbon emissions expressed as a carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) such as renewable energy development or projects that protect or enhance natural resources that absorb CO2e from the atmosphere – such as land and forests. These projects are awarded a carbon credit for each tonne of CO2e reduced or avoided.

The BFA have opted in to a service provided by bp Fuel & Charge card, which allows fleet managers to offset emissions as part of the SME bp Fuel & Charge card package.

Carbon offsetting is carried out by a specialist team, bp Target Neutral, which purchases and retires carbon credits which can be used to offset emissions.

Since 2006, bp Target Neutral has helped customers reduce and offset more than eight million tonnes of carbon emissions by improving  products and services and then offsetting residual emissions by purchasing carbon credits from a portfolio of projects around the world. As well as reducing emissions, these projects also contribute to improving the lives of millions of people through better access to energy, improved household health, education, and jobs.

bp has programmes such as the construction of efficient cookstoves in Mexico, so families use less firewood and reduce smoke in the household, improving health outcomes. Other projects supported include solar power installations in rural India which reduce the reliance on fossil fuel grid power or kerosene, saving carbon and money. You can find out more about the offset projects at Our carbon offset project portfolio | bp Target Neutral

Selected offset projects have to comply with international standards and demonstrate that emissions reductions are real, additional (i.e. that they would not have happened without the project), permanent and unique. As well as emissions reductions potential, we also ask that suppliers disclose their broader impact to society and the environment using the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) – goals such as good health and wellbeing, affordable and clean energy, decent work and economic growth.

Approximately one billion people1 across the globe lack access to electricity. It means there is widespread use of fuels such as kerosene for lighting which is inefficient and expensive and brings health risks and environmental impacts
 By investing in carbon offsets, bp Target Neutral’s customers provide funding for a project that not only reduces carbon but helps provide reliable and cost-effective off-grid electricity for families and business.

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