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Spring is in the air

Spring is on its way

Spring is on its way – and your customers can’t wait! Seize the bubbling energy that’s in the air and turn your business into a place that makes everyone happy. The online seasonal magazine of 365 days offers you lots of ideas, not just for the shop floor but also for your socials. That will really allow you to take flight!

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Narcissus, Scilla, Hyacinth, Atilbe, Genista and Viburnum

8 March is Women’s Day. That’s definitely a day to be celebrated with flowers! Spring offers plenty of opportunities for colourful and scented bouquets with a feminine touch. So make sure you mark this day in your (content) schedule.

The era when bouquets for women were automatically pink is long gone. It’s much more fun to create a bespoke bouquet together with the customer. That requires flexibility and empathy, but also produces something special: a unique bouquet that you cannot find anywhere else. Also brainstorm about the trend around fading boundaries. For example, come up with alternative packaging for transporting bouquets, like a belt bag or shopping bag made of (recycled) textile.

365 days secretaries day

365 days of flowers promotes special seasonal flowers in various European countries. In additional to the seasonal magazine, 365 days of flowers published the theme magazine twice a year.

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