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WorldSkillsUK 2022 Floristry Finals

What a wonderful 2 days of showcasing professional floristry for the WorldSkills UK Finals. We had eight competitors who had all competed in the regional heats in the summer to earn their places and they didn’t disappoint with their creativity. Each competitor has less than 5 years experience in industry.

Together with other skill sectors, Floristry was hosted at Barking and Dagenham college over 2 days on 16th and 17th November.

Read all about the competitors HERE!

Day One

The competitors had their morning briefing and then moved into their booths for the 2 hours of prep time allocated to them, during this time they condition their flowers, check their sundries, split their flowers into buckets and start to decide what materials they would like to use for each task. They are allowed to sketch during this time and the technical judging team check their personal toolboxes to ensure that they only have the competition tool box items in their booths. Once the 2 hours is up the practical challenge begins!

Sorting and deciding
Toolbox checks
Conditioning, allocating and checking materials

The theme for the competition was: Ladies day at the races

First Task

A bridal design to be carried by a bride at a jockeys wedding held at a racecourse.

Time: 1.5 hours

The competitors were all given the same image of a bridal gown for inspiration and it was specified that the design should not be a hand tied design.

Second task

Floor standing structural floral arrangement for the royal enclosure at ladies day at the races

Time: 2.5 hours

The competitors were all given a minimum height of 1m to work too.

Day two

The competitors had 30 minutes to sort their materials in the morning before starting their designs. Day two had three practical tasks so they all needed to be mentally ready as two of the schedules were a surprise. The surprise tasks are designed to challenge the competitors to think fast and manage their time.

Third task

Wired hat decoration to be worn at ladies day at the races

Time: 1.5 hours

The competitors all had the same hat to design for and no glue was to be used in the design.

Fourth task: Surprise

A hand tied bouquet to be given to the owner of a winning racehorse

Time: 1 hour

The competitors were free to design as they wish regarding size and shape.

Fifth task: Surprise

Floral handbag design to be carried at ladies day at the races

Time: 1 hour

The competitors were all supplied with the same handbag to design for and were free to decide what technique/s to use.

The Judging

The Judges from the UK Floristry Judging Guild consisted of Lynda Owen and Jane Benefield. Each task is judged separately, after which, the marks are collated and sent through to WorldSkillsUK for finals checks before the eagerly awaited medal ceremony.

The WorldSkillsUK technical handbook gives full information to current and future competitors including the below marking scheme used to judge the designs.

CriterionAspect IDDescriptionMaximum Marks
IdeaA1Creativity of design5
A2Choice of material suitable for this task5
A3Interpretation of schedule10
ColourB1Proportion/dominance of colour used5
B2Colour building (contrast/harmony/value of colours)5
B3Placement of colours/expression of idea in colours5
CompositionC1Shape/form/proportion/visual balance10
D1Condition of materials. Guarantee of durability10
D2Care of materials5
D3Stability of work/ actual balance5
D4Suitability of technique and method of construction5
D5Finish and workmanship10

And the Winner is………

Gold Medal: Shelley Keefe – Berkshire College

The medal ceremony was broadcast on 25th November live from the Packed Lunch studio and hosted by Steph McGovern.

Silver Medal: Kirsty Noble, The floristry School, Sheffield College

Bronze Medal: Danielle Thompson – Doncaster College

Bronze Medal: Kathleen McClorey –  Self Employed

Highly Commended: Holly Moule- Flowers International

Well done to all the competitors who worked so hard and made us very proud of these budding industry stars!

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