BFA Vision Sponsor 2019 - Florismart - British Florist Association

BFA Vision Sponsor 2019 – Florismart

Florists are at the heart of everything we do. Founded by florists, Florismart exists because we want florists to thrive. Over the years, we’ve proven that buying as a collective group of independent florists has huge benefits for the quality and price of the products you buy. This will be no different in other areas of the floristry business. In order to make waves, we need to unite and act collectively. That’s why we launched a membership program, which contributes everything you need to run and grow your business, in one place.

Work better, buy better, sell better

  • A competitive marketplace – Order anything, from any supplier on our platform. Whether it’s one day or two months away, we make sure it’s all delivered together as one. [FREE]
  • An extensive support system for florists – Join the most active florist community in the country and benefit from uniting with other independent florists. [PRO]
  • A platform to reach new customers – Get your business and products listed on and reach more potential customers. 100% of the revenue goes to you. [PRO]
  • Member Benefits – Save money on essential business services and products. In just three months’ time, our Pro Members have already saved thousands of pounds. [PRO]
  • Business Clubs – Gain free access to local Business Clubs where you get the chance to meet other florists and learn about different topics. [FREE £10 / PRO £0]
  • PR – We have had some great coverage in newspapers and magazines, raising awareness of the florist and our redirection website. [PRO]
  • Exclusive educational content –  Learn more about topics such as online flower buying and get valuable business tips regarding sales and marketing. [PRO]
  • Magazine –  Enjoy the quarterly editions of Florismart’s magazine; rich in content, with articles that will both entertain and support you. [PRO]
  • The best tools to run your business [coming soon] – Make your day-to-day operations easier and get everything you need to manage your business. Including accounting software, stock control and more. [PREMIUM]

Let’s start the future. Let’s act collectively

Interested? You can join our Pro Membership for £14/month or £150/year. The Premium Membership is currently still under construction – we will keep you up-to-date on our website. Every member is extremely valuable, and we will ensure that the small membership fee is one of the best investments you have ever made. We look forward to having you on board!

Register on or upgrade your existing Florismart account on Want more information first? Ring us on 020 331 848 20 or send an email

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