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Clarifying the BFA position on Covid-19

The BFA’s purpose, as a trade body, is to represent all categories of florists. By uniting with other sectors in our industry, listening to feedback, your views, and the needs of our florists we can then form a communication channel between the government and the industry.

Our messages regarding the current Covid-19 situation are all completely impartial and unbiased. Factual information is being shared so that you are well informed and aware of the official guidelines and regulations provided by the Government. 

The BFA checks and seeks advice before sending out any communications relating to the current situation. We are not giving you advice, expressing an opinion or dictating what anyone should do. We are simply sharing facts.

As we’ve all heard, this is an unprecedented situation. The government stance itself sometimes both contains and feels like mixed messages. The BFA are working constantly for clarity. Everyone’s business decisions are becoming a matter of personal choice as long as they comply with the government’s guidelines of social distancing and prevention of the spread of Covid-19. It is also true that tensions and emotions are high at this time with very strong views on both sides. In this situation, the BFA cannot advise whether you remain closed or operational, we are an impartial organisation. It would be unfair to guide you based on opinions, bias or otherwise, as all of your businesses are so different on a day to day basis. What is right for one will not work for another.  What we do is share the relevant guidelines specific to the florists’ needs, so that you can make your own informed business decisions. 

We are grateful for your understanding and sincerely thank you for your support, feedback and thoughts.

Whatever your decision may be, to close or to operate within the guidelines, we are here to support you. We must not let this divide us as an industry. We are here for every florist. We are in this together. Stay Safe and lets be kind to one another always.

British Florist Association

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