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Funeral Collection Web images

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The BFA have used experts with the knowledge and experience of product development and insight of customer preferences and buying habits to create The Funeral Collection. This collection of 30 pictures  is a commercial core collection aimed at the consumer to help you increase your sales and average order value.

The digital Collection enables you to not only take orders from your tablet, whether on your counter or at networking meetings, but in the workroom too.

We’re pleased to offer our Florists the flexibility with how they use The Funeral Collection in their business, but please be aware this version is not suitable as printed copy.

  • You will receive this online copy within 10 working days via WeTransfer. Please note WeTransfer downloads expire after 7 days.
  • You are not permitted to resell the British Florist Association Collection without the express permission of the BFA. Reselling of the British Florist Association Collection will bring you into default of the terms and conditions agreement.
  • All British Florist Association services including website and e-commerce applications remain the intellectual property of the BFA.

Currently, it is not possible for you to change or cancel your order online once the download from We Transfer has taken place. If the download has not taken place you can cancel the order by emailing us, making sure that you state all essential details including the order ref number, your name, address, contact details and product(s) ordered, so that we can track your order easily.


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