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The BFA Collection Bundle 2

£120.00 (incl. VAT)

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The bundle includes:

  • The Collection Printed Book
  • The Collection Digital PDF
  • All 8 Web Image Sets
  • 1 x Counter Card

Buying the full bundle ensures your business has the flexibility to give the consumer and you the florist choice, with many options on how and where you use it.

The BFA have used experts with the knowledge and experience of new product development and insight of customer preferences and buying habits to create The Collection. This eighty-two-page full colour gloss laminated book, with eight sections in the bestselling colour options, is a commercial core collection aimed at the consumer to help you increase your sales and average order value.

The digital PDF version of The Collection enables you to not only take orders from your tablet, whether on your counter or at networking meetings, but in the workroom too. Why not create it as a flipbook for your website? We’re pleased to offer our BFA Florists the flexibility with how they use The Collection in their business, but please be aware this version is not the printed copy and will be emailed to you to use how you wish in line with the terms and conditions of sales.

The Collection Counter Card helps you sell open orders and easily explains what different designs are. A4 full colour and gloss laminated.

A comprehensive excel spreadsheet is emailed with every purchase. The spreadsheet lists full details of the design content, a product description, RRP, designer tips and more.

The full web image bundle offers all one Hundred and thirty-five colour images covering all aspects of floristry, all the designs and products featured in the book and many more.

Please note that web images are for BFA members only.

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