BFA Find a Florist listing - British Florist Association
BFA Find a Florist listing - British Florist Association

BFA Find a Florist listing


Autumn 2015 saw the BFA launch it’s website specifically targeted at the consumer. It has been a phenominal success and immediately received  4,500 in 14 days and has now gone onto have tens of thousands of visits.

BFA Members have their own listing and personal profile page.  Consumers are driven directly to your shop through using the Find a BFA Florist tool shown on the top of every page.  The map indicates where BFA Florists are located, below the map Florist businesses have summary information shown.

The summary shows the basic information to help a client establish which florist they wish to view the full details of or use the contact details of the florist from that point to email, call or clicking through to the florist website

Clicking the ‘Read More’ links to the individual profile page which you as florist have complete control over, this can be updated as often as you wish.

Consider this…

This is a most effective way of your customers reaching you, listing your company profile & images encourages consumers to either visit you in person with the help of the built in local mapping facility,  or call you directly or visit your website and social media profiles via the built in direct page links. 

Your listing will increase your website presence and search ranking, if your business isn’t listed on the site it’s missing a real opportunity, as inclusion to the website is at no extra charge to BFA Business members it’s an excellent member benefit that can’t be missed.

More and more awareness is being raised on the benefits of shopping directly with ‘Local Professional Florists’.  It’s a message we’re pushing very hard and encourage every florist to get behind, however, we all know that consumers like convenience and this is where the website can come to the fore.  Although It’s far more that just a florist business directory.

How much is this?

To be listed is entirely free to BFA members! The set up of your page is a very straight forward process, we have a step by step user guide that explains exactly how to achieve the profile you want and we’re there to assist you as necessary.

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