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Bloom Rooms: Motivating Florists and Cultivating Skills

As a Business Member of the BFA or an IoPF Member you have free access to the Bloom Room Virtual Florist chats which take place every 2 weeks. Every other Tuesday evening at 6.30pm we organise a speaker to chat with us on a variety of subjects which are beneficial to the floral community. It’s a great way for florists all over the UK to connect. With a very relaxed feel we chat through a diverse range of topics with plenty of time for people to throw in questions as well.

So far we have covered

  • Wireing
  • Gluing
  • HR over Covid
  • Using British Grown Flowers
  • Social Media content
  • Connecting your online and retail spaces
  • Visual merchandising
  • Data Analysis
  • Growing cutting gardens
  • Miniatures
  • Peak period buying
  • Open forums
  • Emailing clients

…….To name just a few.

We announce the Bloom room speakers via email always with the subject title Bloom Room and over our social media platforms, so make sure you’re signed up and/or following us! If you see one you’d like to join, then simply email and you’ll receive a link to the meeting. We also remind you the day off the chat via email to make it as easy as possible for you to remember because we know you are all busy.

Some of our previous speakers include:

  • Sabine Darrall (Sabine Darrall Floral), Event florist an workshop host
  • Simon Lycett (Simon J Lycett LTD): Event florist
  • Laura Leong: International demonstrator and Tutor
  • Nigel Jenny (Fresh Produce Consortium): Chief Executive
  • Matt Hepplestone (Red floral architecture): Event florist
  • Kally Ellis (McQueens): Founder of McQueens Flowers
  • Simon Orgizek: President of Florint
  • Jo Munson (Smith and Munson): British Grower

With 99% of all attendees coming back again don’t take our word for it, here are some of the comments we have received:

“Always enjoy these nights…informal, relaxed but informative”

“Interesting – really need to rethink all my wedding enquiries/consultations. Very good topic”

“Friendly , informative and thought provoking”

“It was nice to listen to others in the same industry, as I am a ‘one woman show runner’ and sometimes it gets difficult to bounce ideas or experience, I’d love to come back again”

“Good to hear expert advice and then go implement. Keep up the good topics”

“Even after 36 years in the industry I am still learning and this is a great platform for that. Thank you”

Thank you from the whole BFA team for those who have joined us already both speakers and members. As long as there is demand we’ll keep providing them and we hope to see every member in there sooner or later.

If you have a topic you’d like to see covered then email either or and we’ll do our best organise it.

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