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FAQ FOR MEDIA: Queen Elizabeth II

  • Does the industry already feel a high demand of flowers? Are prices going up? 

A: Yes, the demand has been significantly high over the last few day, Prices are increasing however this was happening even before Queen Elizabeth passed away, and is only to be expected when most are purchased on an Auction basis.

  • Is it going to be a record demand ever ? Bigger than for Princess Diana’s funeral ? 

A: This remains to be seen, but the general feeling is that it will be higher than Princess Diana’s funeral.

  • What type of flowers are in demand, where do they come from ? Are a big part imported? 

A: This differs, the public are happy with colourful flowers to lay at the palaces / gardens, whilst governing bodies are generally asking for tributes in white. Most flowers are imported, florists buy as much from English growers as possible however they are seasonal and in limited quantities. The biggest supply is from Holland the worlds largest flower auction. 

  • Is there a specific flower for the Queen, or did she have a favourite type of flower ? 

A: The Queen loved Lilium longiflorum and Lily of the Valley.

  • Will the industry be able to meet the demand or is it going to be difficult ? 

A: The industry will absolutely cope with demand, it’s something we are used to doing individually on a daily basis for all our customers.

  • Have you any numbers on how much flowers have been sold sine Queen’s death?

A: It’s too soon to say but we’ll be asking our members to report after the funeral.

  • Is there an estimate on how much in total, including funeral?

A: No not yet, we just can’t be sure. It will all depend on the types of services held and local authorities advice across the UK.

  • How many Sales are expected/processed in terms of £ amount?

A: This will be something we will investigate after the services and funeral has been held. Many people will buy flowers, both in large and small amounts as it has always been a way to express sympathy and connect with others. A single flower can say a lot.

  • How do the market cope with flower shortage? Will UK increase import from Holland?

A: Florists will use all the resources available to them in order to provide what their customers need. Many use a variety of wholesalers/growers. Flowers will be coming from across the UK where possible, Holland, Africa and South America.

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