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How the BFA is fighting for you.

Much of the work that the BFA do goes on behind the scenes, we shared some of the work with the attendees of BFA Vision Florist Business Conference who were thrilled to hear about all the work the BFA have done in standing up to the ‘big boys’ the BFA are no longer pulling their punches and are fighting back.

1. Aldi. Fresh Flower Retailer of the Year.

Did you see the Aldi Valentine’s advert… did it make your blood boil?

We were not standing for this!

How dare they be given the title ‘ALDI. FRESH FLOWER RETAILER OF THE YEAR’ we researched the awarding body and wrote to them, see the letter below.

What a result!! 

We had a positive response from Metropolis International group limited, who run the awards, they appreciated our point and view and stated in a telephone call that they will change the name of the category to ‘Fresh flower supermarket of the year’ – a far more fitting title I’m sure you’ll agree. So with this promise made we certainly hope, no longer will the likes of Aldi be able to claim the title ‘Fresh Flower Retailer of the Year.’

2. Stopping the ‘Big boys’ calling themselves ‘Florists’

After realising that Waitrose were promoting themselves under the domain, our Association Manager Tracy Tomlinson, went on a shopping spree buying up domains of:

  • &
  • &
  • & (florist had gone)
  • &
  • &

But then came the Legal Letters! 


We first heard from tescos with the email below.

After an initial panic we considered our position, and thought – ‘what a cheek’ we SHOULD be protecting the name FLORIST and wrote the (rather well worded email) to them below.

We have not heard back from Tescos!!


We got a VERY strongly worded letter and email from Aldi’s solicitors – please see below.

We replied to them promptly,  with the letter below.  However, we wanted to know the legal position – we weren’t going to just ‘roll over’ if we didn’t have to!!

So from our earlier letter to Aldi’s legal team we offered to apply one of the points listed above – ‘sign an undertaking that we will never use the domain.’ So perhaps they will be leaving it there, or perhaps their legal team are considering their position further? We are yet to hear back from Freeths, Aldi’s legal team.

You may have noticed we sent a copy of the letter to Aldi’s legal team also to the National federation of small businesses who we have made aware of our campaign and requested the support of.


The dictionary definition of a florist is ‘A person who sells and arranges cut flowers.’

Whilst work has gone on previously to try and alter this, we’ve decided to take up the mantle and get it changed.

We have written to Oxford Dictionary with the letter below.

We are waiting on their reply.


These are just a couple of the actions we have been taking on behalf of British florists everywhere, florists like you.  

In the past we certainly haven’t promoted the work we do ‘behind the scenes’ everyday. We will try to make all florists more aware of the constant efforts we take to protect livelyhoods and businesses of this fantastic industry.  

The BFA constantly act in your best interests!  We are passionate about what we do – and emencely grateful for the assistance we get from our leading industry supporters, and you the florists that are members. As a non-profit organisation we couldn’t run without this financial support, which is made up, in part by membership fees – If you are not a member, could we kindly ask you to reconsider, this is just one of hundreds of things we do to protect, promote, support and unite Floristry.  An annual membership fee is just £80 + vat  less than £1.85 per week. (10% less when paid by direct debit). Please click on the link below.

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