#SunflowersforUkraine-campaign from gov.org - British Florist Association

#SunflowersforUkraine-campaign from gov.org

The BFA have been contacted the cabinet office and asked for our help in the campaign #SunflowersForUkraine. Read below on how you can help and spread some sunshine too.


On August 24th 2022 the people of Ukraine will mark 31 years since the country’s declaration of independence from the Soviet Union in 1991; it will also mark six months since the invasion by Russia.

The UK government has been working with the Ukrainian Government to recognise their Independence Day and needs your support to visibly show the world’s support for Ukraine, boost Ukrainian morale and strengthen our unified message for freedom.


The  #SunflowersForUkraine social campaign aims to show our support for Ukrainians – whether they be in the UK, Ukraine or displaced in other countries – on this day of particular resonance.

The sunflower is the national flower of Ukraine, but is also a symbol of hope in the future. 

As Audrey Hepburn (UNICEF Ambassador, WW2 resistance supporter, screen legend) so eloquently said, “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow”. 

The campaign aims to get the public to show their support to the people of Ukraine by posting a photo or video with a sunflower using #SunflowersForUkraine #StandforFreedom and ‘Ukraine Independence Day’ in the copy. 

The sunflowers could be real (a single bloom – or a whole field full!), drawings, crafted or using a social media filter. It just aims to demonstrate our support and bolster morale. Peak engagement is aimed for 23/24 August. 

We would be keen for your support by:

  • Posting a photo with sunflowers on 23 or 24 August using #SunflowersForUkraine #StandforFreedom and ‘Ukraine Independence Day’ in the copy.
  • Sharing social videos that the Government of Ukraine will post on 23/24 August with the hashtags #StandforFreedom #StandWithUkraine.
  • Promote the #SunflowersForUkraine through non-digital ways. This can be:
    • Through a sunflower display for visitors at your florist shop or studio so they can take pictures
    • Displaying the #SunflowersForUkraine hashtag in shops, farms and fields

Sample tweet/post: “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow” – this August 24 show your support for Ukraine’s Independence Day by posting a photo or video with a sunflower using #SunflowersForUkraine and #StandforFreedom.

Download the image to use on social media platforms or print.

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