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Tracy Tomlinson: Leaving the BFA

Tracy Tomlinson has been a director of the BFA since 2008, accepting the role of Secretary and Association manager in 2016. On 15th January Tracy decided to resign as a Director to spend more time with her family and will be leaving as Secretary and Association manager by the end of March 2024.

Tracy will of course be continuing to be a part of the UK Floristry Judges Guild and Florint Technical committee for competitions which is a major passion for her. Having been involved in retail floristry and competitions for 46 years.

Tracys experience, passion and dedication has always assisted to drive the association forwards and the BFA would like to thank Tracy and wish her every success going forwards.

In due course we will be advertising a job role within the BFA to cover the role and duties we need.

After almost 8 years as manager and many more as BFA board director I’ve decided to make the hard decision to leave our beloved association. Family and other commitments meant that it was becoming harder for me to focus my attention on the BFA. I’ve loved all my days with the many many people I’ve met and had some real fun along the way. Thank you to all the board for making this break as easy as possible! 

Tracy Tomlinson

It is with mixed emotions that we bid farewell to Tracy, a director of our association for many years. We’re all grateful for her unwavering commitment , boundless passion and wealth of experience that have been instrumental in propelling the BFA forwards. Whilst we will miss her we’re thrilled we will still see her engaged with the floristry world through her judging work.

Nikki Meader: BFA Chair

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