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Flowers by post - British Florist Association

Flowers by post

The truth behind boxed flowers

There are many companies that take orders for flower delivery where the flowers are sent by post. Normally a third party courier company offers an easy and convenient way to ship out flowers for the sending company.

Usually these delivery companies are not specialists in delivering flowers so can offer no care or advice on the product. In recent years many Independent UK Florists have been under pressure from the increase in flowers bought from many large retailers, supermarkets and online flower sellers sending flowers by post.

These companies make bouquets in great numbers in a production line setting, they then box the flowers and have them delivered by post or third party couriers.

So what’s a better options?

Many independent florists can now take your orders online, but differentiate themselves from the competition by delivering them in person and thus ensuring they arrive in tip top condition. You can use our ‘Find a Florist’ service to locate the florist able to deliver flowers for you. When ordering flowers for delivery, do look for phrases like ‘Hand delivered’ or ‘delivered by a florist’ this way you can avoid disappointment and be sure your order in the safe hands of an expert.

BFA florists offer a large range of flowers and designs, if you do not see what you are looking for, do contact them, with a little notice, florists can usually fulfil almost every requirement for a gift delivery.  We have expert BFA member florists throughout the UK, the quality of our florists’ work is outstanding, their standards are maintained as our fabulous colleges and flower schools continue to produce trained florists and flower designers every year.

Our standard of floristry and floral craftsmanship are amongst the highest in the world, not only for gift deliveries, but also weddings, funerals and corporate flowers. We are very proud of this strong flower culture and doing our bit to help keep Britain blooming. If you want to send flowers, please support your British florists by taking a few minutes to contact them direct via their website or over the phone.

Our ‘find a BFA florist’ listing service helps make it easier for your flower delivery whether it is same day or next day. Our flower service directory offers a great deal of information about the florist including whether they have attained IOPF certification. If you are ordering from a BFA florist in your region, quality can be guaranteed with the BFA Standard of Excellence.

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