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Trailblazer Apprenticeships: The Agreement and Commitment

Apprentice agreement & commitment statement

When you start your apprenticeship you may be asked to sign an apprentice agreement and commitment statement.

These are legally binding documents that outline what you can expect from your apprenticeship and what your employer expects from you. They are signed to ensure all parties fulfil their obligations.

Apprentice agreement

Your training provider will provide you with an apprentice agreement, which is signed by all parties. It is the equivalent of a standard employment contract and will provide details about the terms of your apprenticeship, working conditions and training plan. Your apprentice agreement may include:

  • What skill, trade or occupation you’re being trained for
  • The dates during which your apprenticeship will take place
  • Your rate of pay and working conditions (working hours, holiday pay, etc)
  • The amount and type of training you will be given
  • What qualification or certificate you will be working towards

Commitment statement

Sometimes this is a separate document that explains what everyone has to do to make sure your apprenticeship goes to plan. It will outline your responsibilities as well as those of your employer and your training provider. It must be signed by all three parties. These are the areas your commitment statement may cover:

  • What your training will consist of and a schedule of when it will happen
  • Details of what your employer and training provider have promised to deliver
  • What they will expect from you, both as an employee and as a student
  • How to handle queries or resolve complaints

By signing these documents you are saying you agree to the conditions of the apprenticeship. If you’re unsure what some of the terms mean, it might be a good idea to talk them over with a parent/carer, careers adviser or with your employer/training provider.

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