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Real Florist Lives

Is floristry for me?

Read some real floristry journeys…

You’ll be suprised at how varied, exciting and diverse the flower sector can be. Here you can read the personal journeys from a range of people at totally different stages of their career – from students just starting their training to award winning designers- working in different roles across the UK, while all joined together by their passion for flowers. Together we make up a vibrant industry full of opportunity.

Click on the images to reveal the personal stories of the florists below.

Janet Edwards

“Keeping it real: there are times when you’re thinking about how to pay the rent. But when people say ‘pack it in’ it drives me forwards – and I’m here eleven years later.”

Cyrill Tronchet

“I arrived in London with absolutely nothing except my suitcase and I didn’t speak English at all. Now my business is five years’ old and I’m moving into a new studio.”

Farima Perry

“Whilst I faced pitfalls in the world of law, I had no reservations in floristry…. I knew my background would help as I can cater to all markets”

Catherine Foxwell
Jay Cockett
Victoria Clemson

“I never had lots of contacts in the media or fashion industry – I’ve had to find it for myself. My big advice is practise… There’s no better way of learning.

“I put my creative side and floristry together, it was a perfect match. My training helped me gain the knowledge to run my own business.”

“I’ve been a florist for 18 years, I started as a Saturday girl when I was 13. I’d cycle to the shop after school and enjoyed it so much I decided I’d love to do it full time.”

Karen Barnes
Sid Patel
Shannon Ormandy

“I needed to be challenged and learning about the corporate world was completely different. Now I share my passion with clients around the world.”

“Coming from a typical Indian family, I had to have a profession to fall back on. You can use the skills you’ve learned and work across different areas.”

“I wouldn’t have ever been able to work behind a desk. Instead, the stuff we work with is so beautiful but it is hard work. You don’t just get to play with flowers all day”

Stacey Spence

“I didn’t sit GCSEs and I didn’t have the confidence to start at first, but now I absolutely love everything about it – it’s built my confidence up.”

Nicky Paul

“I’ve found hands-on experience is invaluable. Practise as much as you can as it allows you to develop your own style.”

Lorna Kenny

“I had a very non-traditional route into floristry. Achieving the family/work balance is hard, but I love being in complete control of my career.”

So…. If you are creative, could floristry be for you? Leaning skills, practicing and finding your own path… All supported by advice from your peers and your trade association.

If you have any questions simply email and keep checking back for more stories, right here!

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