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Funerals & Flowers

Funerals are a time when we say goodbye to our family or friends, they are as varied as the individuals we have lost. Funeral flowers are the last gift we can give to the deceased at their burial or cremation.

In this, the saddest of times the selecting of a personalised funeral tribute and beautiful flowers can bring great comfort to the departed, with the flowers reflecting the love, gratitude, respect or recognition they feel. Whilst charitable donations are popular some individuals feel very upset and aggrieved when the opportunity to give this final gift is taken from them entirely and we would implore anyone considering this, to give the opportunity to family and friends to send flowers if they wish.

Funeral flowers

Our BFA expert florist understand the sensitive nature of the occasion and will handle the order taking process in a professional and helpful manner. They will do all they can to offer advice and give suggestions to allow you to make the right choice for your tribute. Whilst a funeral is an occasion of great sadness it’s also a time to celebrate the life that’s been, the flowers can portray this in so many ways. Some examples that florists have created include a beautifully designed tribute representing the keen garden lover, using some materials from the garden he loved, and his favourite trowel. The inclusion of the piece of knitting that was being worked on, along with the needles and ball of wool. A favourite hat pin has been added to the flowers that reflected the colour and beauty that was inspired by the favourite piece. Fly fishing line, reels and flies can be used to great effect to reflect the passion of the hobby. Flowers can also be used to make a representation of a design; an old English sheep dog that was left behind, a pheasant to a country lover that pouched a few in his younger days, a football shirt is a favourite for avid fans, and a large design on Sponge bob Square Pants; a tribute from the grandchildren as this was the cartoon that they always watch together with their grandmother, name just a few.

Your professional florist will advise you on how best to represent past times, and select personalised tributes if this is something you wish to have. We have created ‘A Guide to Buying Funeral Flowers’ as for many the choice will be something more simple. Whilst there are no rules to funeral flowers we’re pleased to offer advice and guidance to help you make your selection.

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