Valentines- everything you need to know. - British Florist Association

Valentines- everything you need to know.

Red roses for Valentines day, use your local florist

“Loved you yesterday, love you still, always have, always will.”

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Did you know that –

 It is estimated that 250 million stems of flowers are sold at Valentines globally.

One-third consists of roses, one-third of tulips and one-third for the rest of the assortment. The majority of the roses come from abroad, Kenya, Colombia and 20% of the total supply of roses for Valentines Day come from the Netherlands.

Here in the UK we grow vast amounts of tulips and lilies and hope soon that roses will grow (excuse the pun) in the next few years.

For some rose growers that’s an increase of 15% just in the Valentine period.

Have prices increased in 2023 for Valentines Day?

Prices of red roses from South America have increased by approximately 9% due to air freight costs. Florists are reluctant to pass this onto the consumer so florist bouquet prices have mostly remained at the same price as 2022. If you are buying red roses wholesale that have come from Europe including the Netherlands, then yes they have increased by more than 9%. Energy costs of heating the glass houses has brought about some tough decisions for our friends in Holland but the cost of a single white rose have remained very low in comparison.

Other important colours were pink roses with 7% higher sales reported in 2022 and white roses with 5% lower sales than last year.

Roses with longer stems were more popular in 2022. Sales in florist businesses were up by 7% for 60 cm stems, and by 17% for 70 cm stems. Sales of 50 cm roses remained unchanged. Sales of 40 cm stems dropped by 4% compared to 2 years ago.

In 2022 the sales of online orders from retail florists was up by a staggering 68.8%. This shows that the consumer is more than happy to go direct to those they can trust.

are red rose more expensive

The BFA 2022 survey asked florists ‘was the proportion of red roses you sold more or less in 2021?’ The survey results suggest that they sold less red roses because more consumers are buying a mixed bouquet with a single rose or rose bouquets of varying colours.

Increased on last year25.9%
Same as last year30.1%
Less than last year40.36%

The consumer is much choosier about where they shop. You get what you pay for. Lower prices don’t mean the best, and with the trend of boutique florists and trendy studios the florist is turning the corner. *

Our member florist said in our 2022 survey

‘Thanks to my customers who still bought flowers despite the increase, they appreciate quality and I have a lot of returning customers’

Did you know

How to care for your roses.

We hope you’ve just received a beautiful bouquet of roses…. use our expert advice below to get the very best out of them so you can enjoy them for longer. Many bouquets are delivered in a bubble of water, an aqua-pack, these designs are called Hand ties (due to being arranged and tied in the florists hand). They are created in such a way that you do not need to take the design apart but they do need to be removed from their packaging after a little while.

  1. Select a suitable size vase, glass or pottery is ideal. If you wish to use an antique or metal vase it’s best to line them.
  2. USE THE CUT FLOWER FOOD – we hope you received cut flower food with your flowers, professional florists always send out flowers with vital flower nutrition food, it helps your flowers last longer.  
  3. Add the cut flower food to the vase and fill with the correct amount of clean cold tap water, the package of food will give you the dosing instructions.
  4. Remove any leaves that would go into the water.
  5. Re-cut the stems of the flowers before putting them directly into the water/cut flower food solution.  Cut approximately 5 cm off the ends of the stems at an angle with a sharp clean pair of scissors, secateurs, or if you feel comfortable using one – a sharp knife.
  6. Top the water up with more cut flower food solution, always ensure your flowers have enough water to drink.
  7. Keep the flowers away from heat and drafts and they will last much longer

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Did you know

Isn’t lovely when you receive flowers but if you receive one or a 50 what does that mean.

Here’s a quick overview:

One Rose – Love at first sight, or if in a long-term relationship ‘you are still the only one’

Two Roses – Mutual love and affection

Six Roses – Infatuation and the need to be yours

Ten Roses – Their love is perfection

Eleven Roses – True and deep love that is treasured

Twelve Roses – A classic gift that says ‘be mine’

Fifteen Roses – An apology for a loved one

Twenty-Four Roses – Clearly state that ‘I’m yours’

Thirty-Six Roses – Head over heels in love

Fifty Roses – A love that has no bounds

”Valentine’s Day this year should not be just for lovers, but for everyone who deserves some loving!”

*The British Florist Association (BFA) is ‘not for profit’ organisation which represents approximately 7000 florists and used its database of 5440 florists The content of these stats belong to the BFA and third party partners and use of the content should be agreed by the BFA and accredited to the Thank you.

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