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Seasonal Flower Selection.

As you’ll know we at the BFA for the last few years have been selecting the seasonal flowers to be featured in this very popular part of the magazine.

We are pleased to use our knowledge and expertise to ensure the list of flowers and plant materials shared with Brides-to-be is not only seasonal, but interesting and practical – that they are available through the duration of the season/time period promoted, so all brides seaonal flower expectations can be achieved.

January and February Seasonal Selection Example

December saw the launch of the magazine, whilst strictly still winter, we know as florist we have a great selection of spring flowers at our finger tips and for brides too, the lure of spring in these early months of the year is irresistible to brides and florist alike!

Tulips, Hyacinths, Narcissus, Ranunculus, Muscari, Mimosa, Anemones and Genista will be featured in this issue that cover the months of January and February.

With a new editor at the helm the page has been given a new look and the information we have shared will be developing to share more interesting facts and stats! 

CLICK HERE to see the seasons flower list

Wedding Magazine Editor Interview

Getting to know the Wedding Flowers and Accessories Editor

It has now been over a year that the BFA has worked with the very popular Wedding Flowers and Accessories Magazine, one of the few magazines that still sees increase in news stand sales. Whilst Pinterest and instagram maybe huge for brides-to-be, be under no misconception a glossy magazine is still very appealing as sales of this no. 1 Wedding Flower Magazine illustrate.

This most recent issue has seen a new Editor take the lead, we spoke to Katie to find out her thoughts and plans for the magazine and what she sees as the trends for future.

Do you have new ideas for the magazine? 

Yes, lots! It’s such a gorgeous title and I’ve already had a lot of fun pulling together my first issue (January/February, on-sale December).

How do you feel about having the British Florist Association on hand to give advice etc.?

It’s great to have such a body of expertise available to share their vast expertise and insights.

What are your thoughts on the Seasonal Flower selection pages of the magazine?

I think it’s always useful for brides to get an accurate idea of what is (or isn’t!) in flower around the time of their wedding. It helps with expectation and is a great way to discover blooms you might not have considered otherwise. I also think it’s interesting to find out a bit more about the flowers, too. 

What changes have you seen in wedding flowers since working on the magazine?

Whilst I’ve only recently started the mag side of things, I’ve edited the WEDDING website for over five years and am all over our social media, meaning I see a lot of flowers. The biggest change I’ve noticed in this time has probably been the move towards freer, less-structured flowers. Personally, I adore this style: it’s messy, romantic and wild. What’s not to love? 

One of the question we sometime get asked by our members is whether the magazines has plans to illustrate and promote the wider selection of bridal designs available to brides, rather than just handtied bouquets?

We pride ourselves on always showcasing the freshest, most exciting floral ideas. Every page of the mag is brimming over with beautiful florals that will delight and inspire! I love to be surprised by amazing new styles – and we’re always open to suggestion here. 

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