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Corporate flowers - British Florist Association

Corporate flowers

How Flowers can Improve Your Business

Never underestimate just how important business flowers are. Flowers have a language of their own. Uniquely they create an atmosphere or make a statement that words cannot equal. No matter what you wish to say, flowers can say it for you. Flexibility and versatility are the hallmarks of our skilled florists, they understand and use varying styles of designs and types of flowers give an endless selection of designs.

A positive first impression and a warm welcome will directly affect the health of your business. The creation of exceptional designs and arrangements exclusively tailored to meet the individual needs of business customers requires a combination of creative and commercial skill. BFA member florists will deliver this for you. They are the specialists who understand the needs of businesses as well as the world of flowers to deliver maximum impact that differentiate you from your competitors.

Flowers can transform the working environment, creating an atmosphere of improved productivity and creativity. As we depend more and more on technology the addition of flowers in an office brings nature indoors, focusing staff in a more relaxed way. By improving the working environment with the addition of flowers and plant performance levels improve – a simple design could do this for your business.

What Can Flowers Can Do For Your Business?

  • Flowers will create a positive and warm impression.
  • Flowers will improve the presentation of your offices and meeting rooms.
  • Flowers will enhance and promote your corporate identity.
  • Flowers will improve the environment, encouraging staff to focus and thus improve performance.
  • Flowers distinguish you from your competitors.
  • Flowers say you’re good people to do business with
  • Flowers make your clients relaxed and feel at ease.

Without doubt, the effect that the presence of flowers have on a business are hugely beneficial, and of course the benefits will far outweigh the cost which are 100% tax deductable! To find a BFA professional florist to consult with your business needs use our ‘Find a Florist’ facility.

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