The cure for blue Monday - British Florist Association
The cure for blue Monday - British Florist Association

The cure for blue Monday

Scientifically proven to cure your blue Mondays

Monday in the 2nd week of January is officially ‘Blue Monday’: Perhaps we are just are too upbeat to take this too much to heart but, nationally it has come to mean something sober, downbeat… blue.

In fact, every year we now have a day dubbed ‘blue Monday’, considered to be the most depressing day of the year for everyone living north of the equator.

Why? The bad weather, the Christmas debt, the back to work grind, the weakening resolve to stick to our still fresh new year resolutions.

It’s largely self-inflicted, but some careful pseudo-scientific calculations dictate that January 15 will be the saddest day of 2018.

But you know what? We say, no day – even Mondays, even ‘blue Monday’ has to be a sad day.

And, we have a sure-fire way to turn the day around… it’s such a simple thing, yet the scientific proof is there… Flowers make you happy, simply buy yourself or someone else some flowers on ‘Blue Monday’ and banish any blues away! 

Simply pop into your local professional florist and buy some flowers, anything from a single stem, a modest bunch to the most extravagant design, and turn any frown upside down!

We wish you all a very happy blue Monday!

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