Flowers reflect personality! - British Florist Association
Flowers reflect personality! - British Florist Association

Flowers reflect personality!

When it comes to flowers so many times you can’t get it wrong, on the whole they’re loved by everyone, but with a little extra thought a present that is great can be just perfect.

The incredible thing with flowers is they can perfectly reflect an individual’s personality, they can set moods, and take influence from a person’s favourite things.

OK, so whilst you might know someone’s favourite flowers, favourite colours or style. You might think you wouldn’t have a clue what would be the perfect flower design for someone you didn’t know all too well? However, stop for a moment, perhaps you can select flowers that they would adore, but just don’t know it!

Do you know what do they like when it comes to art, furniture, decor and clothing? All those answers can give clues.

Would they love a riot of amazing colours, something a bit way out and quirky? Would tropical flowers be their thing?

Are they someone that is really appreciative of the seasons and nature. Do they enjoy their or others gardens? 

What type of gardens do they like – You don’t have to be an expert, do they like a cottage garden type, the sort of thing you’d see in a Beatrix Potter book, or would they like something that’s far more formal with perfectly clipped topiary? Is neither of that for them, do they just like to see a wild meadow. Answering these question give huge clues as to the type of flowers they’d enjoy.

A beautiful bouquet with an array of specially selected choice flowers incorporating a stunning seasonal selection might be just the thing – either with the cottage garden feel, the wild meadow feel, or the classical. Your florist can select the selection, the varieties, colours, seasonal selection that will reflect just what’s needed. All you need to do is communicate all you know with a professional florist.

Sleek and streamlined – If they love a minimalist clean look, having a mass of just one type of flowers might be right up their street… this doesn’t need to be boring – far from it, you could include a vase that would be perfect for them, a vase of amaryllis and steel grass would wow, or 50 tulips with contorted decorative branches might be just the thing to take their breath away! and for a price that’s more competitive than you might think.

For a sophisticated classical look you can’t beat all white and green, or a mixed bouquet selecting just one colour flowers combination is always special, but the crispness of a design of whites is always something to behold.

If they’re a colourful character, with a bubbly personality a handtied bouquet of a mass of bright coloured gerbera and germini might be just the thing.

I hope with just these few examples you can see how floral designs can be matched to people without too much trouble. 

All you need is a good florist, clear communication and be aware to pick up on all the clues we each give about the styles of designs and flowers that we’ve love best.

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