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Floristry Skills

On this page you’ll find helpful videos covering different areas of floristry. Available to all is information on World Skills UK training, Competitions explained and some basic skills to help you. More skills knowledge will be available to all British Florist Association and Institute of Professional Florists members through the members area soon.

Being a professional florist is of great importance to represent our industry as a skilled career choice.

Skills Knowledge


An important skill to practice for any florist. Watch Rebecca Hough as she shows you some useful hits and tips for using your cold glue correctly and neatly.


Fast becoming a skill we all need in the workplace to sell our products, good photography skills are also needed in competitions to show your work off at its best. Watch this video for some great tips on taking photos with your phone.

World Skills UK

World skills is a competition designed to enhance practical skills enabling you to work to your best ability. Learn from former World Skills competitor and Medallion of excellence winner, Elizabeth Newcombe! She’ll explain what you will need to prep your tool box for a World Skills UK competition and how to set up your workstation properly. Practicing this set up, even if you are not competing, can improve your commercial speed and improve your employability.

Your World Skills Tool Box

Your World Skills Work Station

Competitions Explained

The UK Floristry Judges Guild are trained professionals who mark to a set of facets. There are four distinct sections so watch each video as Lynda Owen explains what to look out for firstly within the schedule itself and then within each of the four areas you can gain marks in. If you compete or not, these video are valuable to start assessing your own work and improve your designs.

A Competition Schedule





Bloom Rooms: Motivating florists and cultivating skills

Our Bi Weekly members virtual meetings cover a range of different topics to keep you connected to peers and up to date with the latest information. We cover business skills, techniques, current trends and much more! Shortly you’ll be able to view a selection of the videos from these in our members area (COMING SOON)

The videos on this page have been made possible by working with World Skills UK and The UK Floristry Judges Guild. We’d like to thank all involved for this valuable tool kit.

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