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Wedding backdrops. - British Florist Association

Wedding backdrops.

Flower curtain – a beautiful backdrop

Weddings are an ideal situation for photos. They’re the lasting images that trigger recollections of a beautiful day with much happiness. Whilst the photos usually centre around the bride and groom, it’s such a great opportunity for many other memories to be recorded with photos.

Weddings are a time when friends all come together, when families meet, and everyone is dressed in their best! No wonder photo back drop areas at weddings are starting to become more popular, they are fast becoming widely recognised as a fantastic addition for any venue. What could possibly make a better back drop than hanging flowers – not only does this make for a beautiful photography back drop that doubles up as added decoration for the venue, but it can be done for far less than you might image.

Whilst we would always recommend you have your wedding flowers created by a profession this simple carnation curtain is something you and family and friends could undertake yourself.

Your local professional BFA florist that is supplying your wedding flowers could supply the flowers and materials and would most likely be happy to show you how to make it too.

Carnations are an ideal flower for this task. After the proper treatment and conditioning they will last out of water, allowing your flower curtain to be prepared in advance – again your florist can advise you on how best to keep your prepared strings and often provide you with the box, tissue paper, cellophane and all important knowledge to keep them fresh. The image shows the carnations being stitched through the centre of their flower head through the calax and out the stem, with all the heads pointing upwards.

However, the calax of carnations lends it’s self well to having thin wire or nylon thread passed through it, with no detriment to the flower head, allowing the head to face left and right as well as up and down, fun can be had not only with the direct the heads are facing but also colour combinations of the curtain, gradual colour changes can give an extra dimension to this already beautiful design.

We hope you like the concept and will add it to your treasure trove of wedding flower ideas!

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