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BFA board structure: Getting involved

Welcome to the British Florist Association. We are a non for profit association set up to help all UK florists and the floral industry thrive.

What will a director position entail?

  • Support the Chair in the BFA activities and work with other board directors to come to decisions that support the members of the association
  • Understanding the training and skills required within floristry.
  • Attending, and where appropriate leading committees and other ad hoc meetings of the main Board
  • Attending 10 half day board meetings via video conferencing and face to face meetings for 2 days within 1 year
  • Have the ability for decision-making and being capable of communication via digital technology (video conferencing)
  • Ability to effectively resolve issues at a moments notice.
  • Have a good relationship with others and communication skills
  • To be committed to broad lateral thinking and an attitude to help the whole industry.
  • To act with professionalism and inclusivity at all times and especially when working or acting under the name of the BFA
  • To attend and work at the various shows
  • To participate in ideas and activities to grow the association
  • To be a part of budget discussions, deliver on actions proposed at meetings.
  • Be an active an enthusiastic member of the floral trade
  • Be transparent and share news, info and activities with the board in an efficient and professional manner.
  • Strong business and financial acumen
  • Effective leadership skills liaising and co-operating with the Management where appropriate.
  • Attend General Meetings
  • A duty not hold a position that would cause a conflict of interest or unduly affect the decisions made by the Board with reference to an association with a third party.
  • Not to accept any benefits from a third party that might affect the decisions of the board
  • BFA Board of Directors is ultimately legally responsible for the British Florist Association within the position.


These are volunteer roles which are offered with an honorarium, details to be provided. The honorarium should not be considered to be a salary and it does not imply an employment relationship. You have no contractual right to such payment nor is it a fixed payment. Any honorarium paid by the BFA to an office holder is entirely discretionary.


Directors are appointed for an initial term of two or three years depending on the position taken. The term may be renewed if the Directors and its members agree. A Director may serve for up to two consecutive two or three-year fixed terms and in exceptional circumstances, a third term of up to three years. You will be a member of the British florist Association and be familiar with the association aims and objectives.
The BFA Directors is an equal opportunities organisation and is committed to promoting equality and diversity. Applications are encouraged from all backgrounds, geographies and sections of the community.

Officer Roles

Officer roles are volunteer roles with the exception of Communications and Membership. The roles are explained in the members area and will involve liaising with the Association manager on various tasks set out by the board. These roles help to strengthen the membership and can be a great way to be more involved without the responsibility of a director position. It will require dedication and enthusiasm.

How to apply and the process.

To apply for a position on the board or officer of the association please go to the members area where you will find an application form in the ‘Useful documents category – finances.

Online applications are preferred with a cover letter which can be sent to

Roles and responsibilities of the directors and officers are listed in the members area.

Once the application is accepted by the Board of Directors, Interviews will take place, followed by selection by the board. A members meeting will take place to meet potential new members before a vote by all members present at the General Meeting. Notice of the GM is available on the website 21 days notice of the meeting.

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