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In 2023 we have developed the board structure further to represent the modern industry that we are. We hope to engage potential future directors and members involvement. Here you will find the current positions held and any new opportunities. We aim to be transparent about how you can be a part of your association.

What is the BFA and a Trade association all about?

Every Industry needs an official Trade Association which provides a voice for a particular work sector. It gives us a status as an industry and means that government will consider our input as a group. By working together with members, the association ensures that their trade is well represented and at its strongest. Trade associations play a crucial role in promoting best practice, and helping companies to become more competitive. They have a duty to ensure that training and qualifications for their sector are both current and appropriate. We want to help, share ideas and resources, organise meaningful events, provide benefits, create connections, build our profile together and show everyone that flowers and plants are essential as part of our life.

British Florist Association Mission Statement

The BFA is dedicated to support the floral industry from root to tip. We work on projects that benefit the whole industry and bring us closer together. Our aim is to build a stronger unity within the industry with a powerful voice. Our core values are to have Honesty, Trust, Integrity and Passion at the forefront of all our actions.

The Structure

This structure promises to involve the whole industry by giving everyone a voice. The board is made up of its members.

How do the BFA operate?

The board meet once or twice per year in person and monthly virtual meetings. We discuss actions and how to help our members who consist of Florist business members, Corporate members, College members and IPF members.

Claire Currie works for membership and she monitors, rings members and checks everything is up to date. Julie Collins is working on sustainability news for the BFA and Nina edits our magazine.

Currently our manager Tracy, and Claire are paid members of staff 4 days a week. Nina, our magazine editor is paid per issue and Kate works for the BFA around one/two days a week on a freelance basis covering the Communications officer role.

All other Directors work as volunteers and everyone put in voluntary hours. Directors are paid for the board meeting days they attend as well as our BFA conference days, unless their business covers the days they are away from the work because they are helping to further the industry. All Directors help in various areas but we all have differing skill sets and specific roles. Everyone works remotely.

BFA current directors

Nikki Meader: Chair of the British Florist Association
Kate Whelan: Vice-Chair/Communications Director
Tracy Tomlinson: Manager of the Association and Secretary of the BFA
Jo Biddle: Training and Education Director
Rebecca Hough: Training and Education Director

Board Contacts:

The Team

Claire Currie: Administration Manager/ Membership officer
Julie Collins: Sustainability Officer
Nina Tucknott: Magazine Editor

Team Contacts

A Brief background of current directors

Nikki: Association Chair is a champion of the retail high street florists, having owned her own shop for many years.

Tracy: Association Manager owned her own shop for many years and is a UKFJG judge as well as head of the technical committee for Florint.

Kate: Vice Chair and Communications Director specialises in weddings and events, is a master florist, qualified teacher and a UKFJG judge. Kate freelances and runs workshops around the Northwest area.

Rebecca: Institute of Professional Florists Director is a master florist and qualified lecturer with a successful background in competition work including winning RHS Chelsea Florist of the Year. Rebecca develops industry qualifications and Standards, teaches on the Level 5 Master Diploma programme and is responsible for overseeing the quality and delivery of the Apprenticeship Standards and Level 4 Higher Diploma programme. Rebecca works as a tutor at East Durham college.

Joanne: Training and Education Director is an English Master Florist and qualified teacher and has taught Floristry related subjects for over 20 years, during which time she owned a successful floristry retail business in Lincolnshire for 10 years. She has helped to develop the new Level 2 Apprenticeship Florist Standard and completed her European Masters qualification in Floristry. Jo teaches on the Level 5 Master Diploma programme and oversees and verifies the apprenticeship programmes.

BFA Opportunities to get involved

We have opportunities on our Board of Directors starting in 2023. The BFA are looking for those who are committed and able to offer their time and experience in the best interests of our members. We strive to be inclusive and diverse and recognise the important work that our volunteer directors do for the whole industry. Volunteering within the BFA is not employment; The BFA already employs an Association Manager and membership Officer which is supported by the Board of Directors.

It is recognised that members who volunteer for director positions have their own businesses to run, the BFA staff are sensitive to this, and our structure supports it. BFA Board directors are expected to set strategic objectives, support and facilitate the delivery of their ideas and values. Directors manage queries and information on a day-to-day basis, ensuring the rest of the Board receives the necessary information to enable effective decision-making.

We are keen to strengthen the Board and have vacancies for:

Director Roles

  • Retail
  • Wholesale/International trade
  • Services
  • Commercial operations


  • Competitions
  • International relations
  • Government liaison

If you are interested in a role please click the button and take a look at what is involved before you decide to apply. If you want to apply you’ll find, through the members area, a link to each position job description and an application form.

What’s involved

The UK Floristry Judges Guild

UK Floristry Judges Guild are an affiliated member of The British Florist Association.

The Guild was established in 2009. The UK Floristry Judges Guild primary function is to standardise judging at floristry competitions throughout the UK and Ireland and to maintain excellence in judging floristry competitions. To read more about the Guild click here

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