Frequently asked questions - British Florist Association
Frequently asked questions - British Florist Association

Frequently asked questions

Becoming a member

Does it cost to join?

Yes but its worth it! You can either pay by credit or debit card or save yourself 10% by choosing to pay by Direct Debit, which can be set up annually or quarterly, allowing you to spread the cost over the year.

How much does it cost?

The annual fee for BFA Florist Business membership is £100.00 plus VAT. Membership is a 12 month commitment.

The Institute of Professional florist has different levels of membership and differing prices, please see the membership application form on for details. Membership of The Institute is a 12 month commitment.

Which membership do I choose?

BFA membership is for florists with a florist business and Institute of Professional Florists membership is for an individual florist that is working/freelancing for other floristry businesses but also for students or tutors at accredited colleges. 

When do I pay?

If you choose to pay by credit or debit card you pay once you’ve completed the application form. Alternatively if you choose to pay by direct debit your payment will be taken on the last working day of the month you apply.

Once we receive your application we verify and approve your application, which usually takes 5 working days. If the membership criteria are not suited to you, we will let you know and either offer an alternative membership or refund.  

Do I have to have a high street bricks and mortar shop to part of the BFA?

No you don’t, event florist and studio florists can join the BFA providing your workshop/studio is a dedicated space at home, as we regrettably do not accept applications from home workers without a dedicated area for business.  Also your business website must be operational and your business must comply with all the legal requirements, for example your business must have the relevant public liability insurance and must also be registered with the HMRC.  Just make sure all the information is completed on the application form to save time with the approval process of your application.

What are the benefits to joining the BFA

Gosh where do we start! By joining your recognised Trade Association you are becoming part of a supportive and collaborative floral community. You will be giving your business a sign of professionalism to use and you will have access to a host of member benefits and resources to help save you money and time.

Our resources centre includes wedding contracts, risk assessments and employment contracts, all of which you can tailor to your business. We offer peak period posters, Instagram images, Facebook covers and website images all for free, including 36 funeral images that can be downloaded for your website.

The money saving benefits change all the time but the Members Area is the place to go to access the special discounts which range from wholesalers and suppliers for its florist members, such as an exclusive 10% off with Oasis Floral Products, 2 month live trial and 10% off your first 12 months with Digital Florists order management system, 15% off shop insurance with Floriguard, discounted rates with Barclaycard for your consumer debit card payment transactions of 0.29% and money saving fuelcard with BP which gives you 6p per litre off fuel at BP branded fuel pumps, to name just a few.

We provide all our Florist Business members with a Find A Florist business listing on our website promoting your business to the consumer.

We connect you and keep you in the know by offering press releases for our business members, Bloom room business seminars, Facebook group and business information is available in the members area. We also discount member tickets for our events, you receive the quarterly magazine for members only and your opportunity to build your CV through IPF.

We have social media, PR, and Membership departments as well as, Training and Education Committee and Events team. When we get a call from the newspapers, television, exhibitors and consumers we can make sure that you are informed.  When wedding magazines call us looking for gorgeous images of bridal bouquets we call a BFA florist. BBC TV and Radio regularly contact us and we email all our BFA florists in the area and surrounding areas that the story follows.

I would like to be an IPF member, but how do I know which category is for me?

Belonging to the Institute of Professional Florists should be an essential part of your portfolio as it will endorse you to your customers and the public in general that the BFA are maintaining standards within our Industry and also that our members are participating and recording continuous professional development. The IPF membership is also discounted if you already have BFA business membership, so you can join as an individual member, a Dual Member if you own your own business or as a business owner you can join your florist team as individual members endorsing their professional skills to the consumer and setting them apart individually.

By joining the Institute you will be able to use the post nominal letters after your name (not applicable to students), have access to the IPF Logo for your personal use, as well as receiving the quarterly magazine, lapel pin, access to some of the money saving benefits and reduced ticket costs into events and competitions.

Simply go to and read the levels of the IPF membership.

Renewing or changing my BFA membership

How do I renew my membership?

Renewing is quick and easy by clicking on the following link You will not need to complete the whole application form again, simply fill in your details and ensure you use the correct email address for logging in purposes.

Can I change my membership?

Yes at any time. Email Claire at for changes to your membership details or category. We are here to help.

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes you can. Sometimes your circumstances will change. Membership is a 12 month commitment, so if you pay quarterly by direct debit you will need to continue to pay. You can either keep the direct debit in place until the end of your membership year or if you cancel the direct debit with the bank you will need to contact us with a card payment for the remainder of the fees.

Find a Florist

When can I go onto the Find a Florist website and upload my business profile?

Once you have been approved then you will be sent your membership welcome pack, member number and the instructions on how to get on the Find a Florist website to upload your profile and photographs. When you log into the members area with your user name and password, this will also give you the option to update business profile.

Is the BFA and Find a Florist a relay?

No, not at all. The BFA are here to help the florist grow and promote. We are here to help you and the industry pull together. The Find a Florist website gives the consumer the opportunity to find their local florist and a florist in their preferred town for delivery.

Personal Information and Payments

Does the BFA share my personal information?

No. We do not share your personal information with any third party. Please see our privacy policy.

Is my personal information safe?

Yes. Your personal information is important to us. Please see our privacy policy.

When is my direct debit payment collected?

If you opt to pay annually by direct debit your annual payment is collected on the last working day of the month of your membership application or if you opt to pay quarterly your quarterly payment is collected every three months on the last working day of the month, with your first instalment collected on the last working day of the month of your membership application.

How can I cancel my direct debit?

Direct Debits must be cancelled with your bank and please inform us that you have cancelled your DD. However membership is a 12 month commitment so if you have opted to pay quarterly for your membership you must continue to pay until the end of your membership year. We therefore recommend keeping the quarterly direct debit in place or if you cancel the direct debit with the bank you must contact us with a card payment for the remainder of the fees.

Is it a problem if I change my bank?

No not all. If you change your bank using the Account Switch Service then the switching service will automatically switch your membership payments to your new account. If you are not using the Switch Service you will need to complete an up to date direct debit mandate with your new bank details to ensure there is no interruption to your membership payment schedule and the new mandate can be found on the following link

How do I change my personal details?

Please send your changes of personal details to

Are there any rules and regulations?

Yes. First read all the terms and conditions and you must uphold the ‘Code of Conduct’. This gives the consumer the reassurance that you are a professional florist and as such behave reasonably when dealing with complaints, contracts, employment etc.

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