How to choose your wedding florist - British Florist Association
How to choose your wedding florist - British Florist Association

How to choose your wedding florist

Your wedding flowers are such an important part of your big day, so selecting the right florist for you is an important consideration. Take a look at the information below to ensure you choose a local BFA professional florist so your flowers are second to none.

You can use our ‘Find your local BFA florist’ tool and see which BFA members are in your area.

Is the Date Free?

Firstly contact the florist to see if your date is available. Many florists will only take bookings for a set number of weddings each week to ensure they can give the special attention needed to create their stunning wedding designs.

Book a Consultation.

Contact the florist to book an initial consultation. Take a look at ‘planning your wedding flowers’ to gain a better understanding of the designs available, and how best to gather ideas.

What to Take to the Consultation

Click here to view ‘what should I take to a wedding flower consultation’ and if you haven’t already take a look at ‘planning your wedding flowers‘ to help understanding where flowers can be used within your wedding, and how best to gather ideas.

The Consultation

During the consultation you’ll be able to chat with the Florist, discussing plans you have made for your wedding and also ideas you have regarding your wedding flowers. You can see images of the work the florist has carried out, and testimonials from previous weddings. Feel free to ask as many questions as you need to.

Have you felt a rapport and confidence with the florist?

Do you have full confidence that the florist you have chatted with understands what you want from your wedding flowers? If you are unaware of what you want yourself, did the florist listen to your wedding plans to gather information to make informed and creative suggestions. Having a rapport with your florist is crucial in planning for such an important day.

Your Florist Can Help You Work to Your Budget

Whilst money may not be discussed immediately if you have a fixed budget it is important to know that the florist can work with this. The florist will plan the price of your wedding flowers and what will be available for the budget you have in mind. Whilst it is important for you to be realistic with how many designs can be achieved with your budget, your florist should be able to guide you through what is feasible.

Do you have a clear idea of designs you want?

Sometimes, if your expectations of what can be achieved with the budget are too high, your florist can make suggestion of ways to cut back either the number of arrangements created or using alternative flowers and material to stay in budget. An indication that your chosen florist can work with you on this matter is important if your budget is limited.

What happens next?

This depends on you and your florist. You may be early in the planning stage, and not in a position to make decisions that will enable your florist to give you a quote. Have you discussed enough to feel confident that you have found the florist that is perfect for you. If so, you can go ahead and book a date. It is usual for a non refundable booking fee to be taken as this point, the cost of this varies and is usually taken from the balance of the wedding cost.

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