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RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2022

RHS Chelsea Flower show Floristry and floral design

Only a few days to go till RHS Chelsea flower show 2022 will be here again, but this time in its normal slot of the month of May.

Once again Floral installations will be in the great Marquee. Listed below are the Floral designers taking part in 2022.


  1. Branch out MK CIC – Pollination -Just how do bees see
  2. Jane Belcher – Pollination -Taste of Nature
  3. Stacey Josephine-  Pollination – The Cycle of Life
  4. Flowery Potters – Field and Flora -What lies beneath
  5. Hanikebito – Field and Flora- Eat healthily, think deeply, and act wise
  6. Rakes Progress Field and Flora- Ode to Coton


  1. Mary Jane Vaughan – Forest and Flora -The tranquillity of woodland
  2. Acacia Creative Studio – Tablescape -Wild Melody
  3. Dmitry Turcan – Tablescape – Whispering Hearts
  4. Helen James Flowers – Tablescape – Nature’s table
  5. JL Floral Design – Tablescape – A botanical feast
  6. Norris Floristry – Tablescape – Reconnect
  7. Stephen McDonnell – Tablescape- Think before we eat
  8. Tracy Rowbottom Design  – Tablescape -To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.

Theme 1 – Pollination.

This theme highlights the sharp decline of the world’s animal and insect populations, greatly relied upon for fruit, vegetable and seed pollination.

We will encourage our visitors to plant pollinator friendly flowers – promoting the ‘RHS Plants for Pollinators’ campaign – to help protect and rejuvenate our fragile environments of plants and pollinators

Exhibitors must predominantly use plants from the RHS Plants for Pollinators lists. Floral Windows only

Theme 2 – Field and Flora

This theme highlights the correlation of plant based dietary lifestyles to reducing the pressure on land cology and alleviating biodiversity loss.

Told theatrically, through the lens of floristry and floral design, we will inspire our visitors to reflect on how human choices affect, and relate to, the natural world.

Exhibitors must predominantly use non-animal based food in their displays: crops, fruit, vegetables, herbs, spices, and / or seeds. Floral windows only.

Theme 3 – Forest and Flora

This theme highlights the importance of trees to human life, whilst drawing attention to the challenges the natural world faces from human expansion.

It goes without saying, the importance of trees to human life; here we will inspire our visitors to see the beauty of trees in a whole new way, mounted within the frame of floral design.
Exhibitors must use one or more living trees within their display (Bonsai permitted). Floral installations only.

Theme 4 – Tablescape

This theme emphasizes design as its key concept, demonstrating the finesse and creativity of table dressing.

We encourage designs with a strong horticultural message, taking inspiration from the beauty of the natural world, crafted using natural materials. A deliberately open brief: we welcome a varied response of contrasting but complimenting designs.

Exhibitors must centre their display on a table setting, and include a horticultural message. Floral installations only.

We’ll be bringing you all the pictures and medal winners from the show and wish all our BFA members the best of luck.

Designer:  Renowned florist Simon Lycett, , BFA honorary member, who has created many floral arrangements for the Royal family, is designing a bespoke sculptural portrait of Her Majesty in the official Platinum Jubilee shade of purple. The silhouette will be covered on both sides with an assortment of native British-grown tree branches with connecting inner shelves arranged with 70 terracotta pots, hand-made in Warwickshire and planted with lily of the valley, one of The Queen’s favourite plants as it was featured in her Coronation bouquet.

Based upon the familiar silhouette upon our coins and postage stamps, this subtle and simple tribute to HM The Queen.

A Garden Sanctuary by Hamptons, Sanctuary Garden, designed by Tony Woods.jpg

Copyright © Tony Woods

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