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 Achievable Sustainability for Florists by Floralbox

We’ve asked corporate members floralbox to tell us all about themselves and the products they deliver to our industry. Here is what Caroline has to say about their sustainability journey and their business. Plus you’ll find a one off discount code to try them out too!

It doesn’t have to be expensive & complicated. Here are some easy, cost-effective steps to make your floral business more sustainable.

In recent years, consumer demand for sustainability has grown stronger. The era of single use cellophane and excessive wrapping has given way to a demand for more a minimal approach to floristry packaging. I have the opportunity to collaborate with florists where they share their sustainability goals and expectations. This gives me invaluable insight into the area of sustainability in floristry and the practical needs of the florists when it comes to creating more eco-friendly packaging options. Florists need aesthetic, efficient and well-priced packaging and must balance these practical needs with the growing desire to be more sustainable. Through this collaboration with florists and our innovative research and design, Floralbox Packaging developed some exciting sustainable products.

Research & development…

The main area of difficulty in floristry is the need to transport and present bouquets in water. Traditionally, plastic cellophane was used to create a water bubble, but this is unsustainable as it is a single use plastic and is largely not recyclable. Florists’ first request is always for a biodegradable plastic alternative. Here at Floralbox Packaging, we dedicated a few years to the research and development of a biodegradable alternative. True biodegradable plastics begin their degrading process as soon as they are created. Therefore, they have a relatively short self-life. They are also designed to degrade when they come into contact with natural elements – water being one of them. These are huge issues in floristry. In order to make a biodegradable liner that is waterproof long enough to hold bouquet water, we had to add so many extra chemicals into it, that it was entirely counter-productive from a sustainability point of view. All these extra chemicals would be released into the environment as it degraded.

Sustainable solutions that are feasible & cost effective….

We continue to research alternatives, but in the meantime, we focus on a reusable and recyclable liner for our boxes to promote a circular economy by extending its life cycle and usability & closing the loop through recycling. You can still transport & present your bouquet in water, which is essential for the longevity of the flowers. The consumer can display the bouquet in the lined box giving it an added purpose and a longer use life than traditional packaging. Most significantly, Floralbox Packaging boxes and liners are reusable and also recyclable. Many florists have started ‘return & refill schemes’ using our lined boxes. This practice is not only sustainable, but it also builds customer relations and repeat business.

 Sustainable packaging is not just about the materials used, but it also requires innovative design to optimise packaging efficiency & reduce waste. A key element in sustainable floristry is a move to minimalist packaging. By switching to the aesthetically designed, lined box vases from Floralbox Packaging, florists can eliminate unnecessary layers of plastic and paper wrapping and focus on simplicity, functionality and on showing off their beautiful flowers. This is not only sustainable, but it will lead to cost savings through reduced packaging usage and efficiency. 

Sustainable ribbons…

Our consultations with florists highlighted that most of the ribbons used in the floral industry are made from polyester and other man-made fibres. The sustainable options available were priced at a premium and therefore were not a cost–effective option. Florists simply wanted a range of sustainable ribbons at a reasonable price. Based on this feedback, we developed a range of sustainable ribbons at a competitive price point. We have a choice of beautiful ribbons made from paper, wood-pulp, jute and cotton fibres and available in a wide range of colours.

Green Profits: How embracing Sustainability Boosts Business Success

Increasing sustainability in your floral business is a smart business move. Not only can it attract new eco-conscious customers, it can help you boost your brand reputation and help you set yourself apart from your competitors. It gives you lots of on-trend content for your social media channels. Changing your packaging offers you cost savings and will increase your efficiency. A switch away from all that wrapping to lined boxes, will save you time on each bouquet you make. Time is money in business, especially at peak times.

The future of floristry relies on growers, suppliers and wholesalers introducing sustainable products and processes and we rely on you the florist to embrace these innovative sustainable measures. Floralbox Packaging are leading the way with innovation in the industry. What sets us apart from the global companies in our industry is that as a small, family-run business, Mike & I are just like the florists that we supply. All the challenges that you face as a small business in the changing floral industry and wider economy, we also face. This unique understanding, allows us to build personal relationships and work closely with florists to bring them the products that they want & need. Our goal is to bring you products that enhance sustainability without significantly impacting your budget. If you have any feedback or ideas that you would like to share with us, email me . Together we can shape a greener future for the floral industry. 

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