BFA Industry awards 2022- 15th October - British Florist Association

BFA Industry awards 2022- 15th October

On Saturday night, the scene is set for the sparkling annual Gala Dinner and Industry Awards ceremony, celebrating the cream of the floral crop. Join us to find out who has won the coveted awards as they are crowned the best in their category as voted for by the industry, and in most categories, judged by the panel too. 

Inspire your team to be the best and celebrate the achievement of being a winner
Enhance your reputation within the industry as well respected and high achieving company or individual
Use social media outlets to spread the word and gain fabulous free publicity by winning an award

What happens next

  • Nominations Open – This is the time to put forward the names and contacts of your favourite suppliers, colleges, students, tutors, shops, studios and growers.
  • Voting Opens – Voting for the shortlisted nominations opens, this is the time for companies and individuals across the UK to get everyone voting.
  • Documents returned to the BFA by the nominees as per their category criteria obligation.
  • Voting closes – The BFA and independent adjudicators verify all votes.
  • Finalists announced if you haven’t yet booked your Gala Dinner ticket now is the time!
  • Winners announced at Gala Dinner

Dates 2022

Midday 1st September – Voting closes. Questionnaire must be complete and returned to the moderator with any photographic evidence as required by category. The judging panel will start to review the entries.

26th September – Finalist announced at 5pm

15th October – Winners announced at the award ceremony.


The rules were:

Only nominate one company/person per category. You will only be able to cast nominations once.

There are 11 categories, you may nominate in all 11 or only those you feel are relevant.

All nominations received will be verified before they make it to the 2022 shortlist.

Nominations received that have been placed in the wrong category or those that do not meet the category criteria will be removed.

All nominations will be verified.   

Nominations close 5pm 20th June 2022.  


  1. IPF Floristry Student of the Year
  2. Floristry Tutor of the Year
  3. Training Provider of the Year
  4. Grower of the Year
  5. National Flower Sender of the Year
  6. Floristry Service Provider of the Year
  7. Sundries Supplier of the Year
  8. Flower Supplier of the Year
  9. Local Flower Wholesaler of the Year
  10. Wedding/Event Florist of the Year
  11. Retail Florist of the Year

Terms and conditions




Rules of Judging

All nominations received will be verified before they make it to the 2022 Shortlist. This will be checked by the moderator.

For categories with a questionnaire to complete these must be sent to by the date given above.

Once received a panel of judges from the Industry will check and mark the criteria and/or questionnaire given.

In all relevant categories the questionnaire received will marked out of 100

From the questionnaire received, the judges marks will be collated and divided by 3 to reach an average mark. The questionnaire mark will be added to the voting mark where points will be awarded for the top 10 nominees.

Judges are only allocated some of the categories and never where their organisation, or a colleague or a project from their association has been nominated

The judging is completed remotely and independently of each other, with each judge rating each section of the nominations

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