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Books for Christmas

Floom, Crafters secret Volume 4. Sold by British Florist Association. Miguel Angel Delgado, Rudy Casati, Natalia Zhizhko, Alex Segura, Dominique Herold, Max Hurtaud, Stefan Van Berlo, Jurgen Herold and Carles J. Fontanillas.

Beautiful books for Christmas.

In the BFA marketplace we have a selection of gorgeous books for sale including the brand new Floos Crafters Secret, volume 4, as well as the re-printed volume 1.

Prices start from £ 59.95.

Professional Florist Manual by Lynda Owen sold by British Florist Association.

As well as all volumes 1-4 of Crafters secret our ever popular Professional Florist Manual is our best seller @ £29.95.

And a new edition to the book shop is Gill McGregor ‘ how to go Greener- Floral Foam free @ £9.99.

For florists wishing to get ready for the wedding season in spring this gorgeous Wedding flowers book is full of trendy and traditional designs. £39.95

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