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Details Flowers, here to help our business members

Details is an all-in-one online solution that combines real-time inventory data, streamlined proposal creation, and easy payment collection for the world’s best wedding and event florists…and did you know it’s helping suppliers forecast demand too?  

Florists enjoy features designed specifically for them, including e-signature, recipe design, stem-counting, automatic order generation, invoicing, as well as the ability to share clients’ visions through the use of gorgeous visuals. 

Imagine, meeting with a client and being able to create designs based on their Pinterest board.  Then, you use this information to generate a drop-dead gorgeous proposal (complete with profit margins calculated), send off, and have an electronic, legally binding contract executed… uh, feel like a professional much?  Details is the perfect tool.

With the click of a mouse, seeing, in real-time, which vendors have their preferred blooms in stock- and who’s got the best price. Then, immediately collect payments and have them deposited electronically into your bank account… bye-bye cash crunch!

With Details, this could be your new normal. Every project could feel streamlined, organized and professional.

Our Founder: Corrine Heck Bio—

Corrine Heck founded Details Flowers Software to help event florists manage and scale their businesses effortlessly. Over the past 20+ years, she’s had experience in just about every part of the industry — transitioning from event designer to software developer to CEO along the way.

Corrine’s Details Flowers Software has grown from an idea hatched almost a decade ago into a robust solution with thousands of users spanning the globe.

Corrine at details flowers

After winning the Rollins College Sponsored Venture Pitch Grand Prize in 2016 (Central Florida), Corrine used that momentum to continue her mission: helping event florists grow their bottom line with custom-designed automation software. From there, she hasn’t stopped improving Details. Every update and every feature rollout is thoughtfully designed and implemented by her in-house, completely U.S. based, female-led team.

The Society of American Florists recently recognized Corrine for her tireless dedication to the floral industry, and inducted her into the Professional Floral Communicators – International.  She speaks at floral industry events regularly sharing her experiences and expertise in event design, entrepreneurship, and everything flowers.

Details Flowers Software is recognized as the official software and key procurement tool for the American Institute of Floral Designers National Symposium, and is headquartered in Ormond Beach, Florida, where Corrine lives with her husband of 22 years, and their three children.

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