BFA welcome Floralbox as corporate member - British Florist Association

BFA welcome Floralbox as corporate member

Floralbox Packaging have revolutionized packaging in the floral industry. 

For decades, florists were frustrated with the lack of choice, innovation and style in the packaging that was available to them. They asked for something new and we listened!

We design all our packaging in-house, in consultation with professional florists.

Our lined box vases are the ultimate in convenience for florists. They work just like a vase, eliminating the need for cellophane and wrap. It is a much faster, more efficient way to present bouquets in water. The bouquet can remain in the box for the life of the flowers, so they are convenient for your customers too. The box and liner are recyclable.

Along with our lined boxes, we also have unlined boxes in a wide range of sizes and designs for your aqua packed bouquets. For decades florists had no choice, but thanks to Floralbox Packaging they have a full range of innovative packaging solutions to choose from.

Exclusively available directly to florists from our website

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