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FloriCon 2023 – meet the Exhibitors

Hoek Exports wholesalers FloriCon 2023

On Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th October we will be holding our popular BFA trade show.

This FloriCon will see brand new first time exhibitors so this is the place to be for new products, innovative floral design ideas, new wholesale flower and suppliers. You’ll have the chance to meet up with all those exhibitors face to face as well as your fellow florists and colleagues you haven’t seen for a while so make sure you’re one of them!

Here’s a list of those booked so far with more to be added in the next couple of weeks. Come back and visit this page for continuous updates.


ASHLEIGH & BURWOOD Discover our incredible range of home fragrance products below. From Fragrance Lamps, to Reed Diffusers, Incense, Scented Candles and much more – you’ll find the perfect scent for every room, every mood and every occasion.
CHRYSALChrysal is a main driving force in the flower and plant industry and worldwide market leader in flower food. 
DETAILS FLOWERSDetails is an all-in-one software solution that combines real-time inventory data, streamlined proposal creation, and easy payment collection for wedding and event florists
DIRECT2FLORISTSame day flower delivery network in the UK by real local florists
FLORALBOXFloralbox has been designed and engineered to specifically benefit both the customer (end user) and the florist.
FLORISTPROWebsites designed with the perfect balance of creativity and performance to help florists and local businesses grow online.
JAGO PUBLISHINGSu has created hand books that should be an essential piece of equipment for every floral art, florist, student and gardener in the world.
JULIE PEARSON FLORAL DESIGNERJulie is an award-winning floral designer & trainer. Lecturer & NAFAS area demonstrator.
OASIS® FLORAL PRODUCTSMaking florist’s lives easier with innovative solutions for floral design, available through wholesalers nationwide and online.
STRELITZIA SOFTWAREGiving you the best tools to run your floristry business, along with access to ongoing friendly customer service and advice, you’ll be able to run the most successful business you can.
THRIVE FLORISTRYOur range of floristry books are used by florists all around the globe as a source of inspiration and design.
WHITTINGTONSEstablished for over 50 years, Whittington’s Silk Flower and Plant Centres are packed with quality products not just for florists but any kind of business. Based at 15 locations nationwide, remain family run, and are very proud of our reputation as a florist supplier of choice.


FLORISMARTDIRECTFlorist are at the heart of everything we do. Founded by florists,
Florismart exists because we want florists to thrive
HOEK FLOWERSHoek flowers is based at the flower auction Royal FloraHolland Rijnsburg and has spent over 30 years focussing on higher-quality flower and plant wholesalers and florists, which believe that good quality at a good price is critical.
J VAN VLIETWe know our customers appreciate the dedicated Van Vliet teams who go above and beyond to supply their businesses with the best products. We pride ourselves on tailoring our service to your needs, from a freelance wedding planner to a large quantities wholesaler. Look out for something special at FloriCon.
SMILAX UK The dream of bringing smilax to the UK started when the daughter of our duo moved to the USA in February 2022. She started working with smilax on a regular basis and fell in love. Upon returning to the UK for a wedding she thought, “Why can’t I get this product In the UK?”, So with a determined attitude, extensive knowledge and the help of some industry friends we made it happen!
VAN DER PLASThrough close contact with their stylists, they know how to inspire you time and time again, to keep your business innovative and surprising.


DELIFLOR The breeding department of Deliflor Chrysanten is continually developing new varieties. The ones displayed for the international chrysanthemum market are blooming at our flower trials location. 
JUST CHRYSThe versatile, colourful and powerful chrysanthemum enables you to make a statement that your customers can enjoy for a long time! With the ‘Just Chrysanthemum’ campaign we want to inspire you with the 1001 possibilities for surprising creations!
MARGINPARGrowers of Clematis, Eryngium and so much more. From breeding to growing and delivering a beautiful, distinctive product with a long vase life.
DEKKER CHRYSANTEN We are one of the world’s largest breeders and propagators of chrysanthemums. By continuously updating our range with attractive varieties, we maintain the interest of consumers in chrysanthemums. 
MEIJER ROSESMeijer Roses was established in 1970 and from the very beginning we have worked on providing our customers with roses that create the perfect blooming experience. A combination of genuine passion for flowers and dedication allowed us to build a reputation for excellence and innovation.
WARDS FARM FLOWERS We are a diverse working organic farm with 20 years of organic certification. We work as a small team to produce food and outstanding products for discerning customers. Flowers are an integral part of my side of the family. My grandfather, a florist/ grower, and my dad was a wholesale grower. I have eventually followed in their footsteps. 

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