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Brexit – plant passport delays till July 2022

UK delays post-Brexit border checks on EU imports again, citing supply chain issues

Full customs declarations and controls will be introduced as planned on January 1, 2022. But under the new delay, paperwork and checks for EU farm products that were due to take effect from October won’t be introduced until next year.

Signs that the government might have to delay the physical checks on food and animal products coming in from the EU emerged in the summer when the officials told angry residents in Dover that plans for a giant lorry park for HMRC and sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) checks had been radically downsized and would not be ready until July 2022.

Britain’s Cabinet office said in a statement that the “revised timetable will give businesses more time to adjust to new processes”.

It will not fully apply to imports from the EU to Great Britain until the end of the phased import process in July 2022. You can read the guide on how to import plants and plant products from the EU to Great Britain and Northern Ireland for more detail on the phased approach from the Government website

Nigel Jenny from the FPC and John Davidson from Tom Brown Wholesale will be explaining more about this at our Vision conference and the implications of duty on the 31st October

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