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Trend Collections 2023 announced

The plants and flowers for the Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter 2023 collections

The Flower Council of Holland annually present The Trend Collections. These collections include a selection of flowers and plants that have been chosen in close collaboration with various relevant parties in the horticultural sector. The criteria for selection are based on availability and PR value, as well as current trends in the sector. For 2023, these trends are Collecting Memories and Vintage Folklore.  

The Flower Council of Holland said’ We keep looking forward, to new developments, trends, and the floriculture sector. Based on this, we present the Horticulture Trends for 2023: Four style trends relevant for the sector, centred around flowers, houseplants, and outdoor plants. Each trend varies from each other, but are all aligned with the current Zeitgeist. We developed the 2023 Horticulture Trends in collaboration with Tuinbranche Nederland, iBulb, Inretail, and Bureau Nijman + Van Haaster‘.

The four style trends for 2023

Promotion of the trends
FCH will present the trends the shape of attractive and inspiring press material, both visual and textual. This will allow media to draw the consumer’s eye to flowers, houseplants  and outdoor plants in a captivating manner. The press materials are available in four languages: Dutch, English, German, and French, so it is readily available for editorial offices at home and abroad. They will also offer the materials to stakeholders in the floriculture sector which is suitable to use in their own communications, or to inspire purchase, develop product innovations, and marketing.

For more information and pantone colours as well as downloadable images,

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