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New Competitions Book

Floristry Competitions book by Lynda Owen.

There is something uniquely exciting when you win your first floristry competition as a professional florist, and since its inauguration, the British Florist Association has been at the forefront of organising floristry competitions.  BFA understands the importance of floristry competitions for our industry, helping to stretch florists’ knowledge and skills to higher levels to enable businesses to flourish.

Lynda Owen’s revised 2nd edition of ‘Floristry Competitions’ is endorsed by the UK Floristry Judges Guild. The updated book encompasses all the advice and competing tips a florist needs to know about entering competitions. There are many levels of floristry competition, and when starting out, it is essential to choose one suitable for your skill level. Start with newcomer competitions and work your way up to participate in advanced competitions as you gain more experience. Read the rules of the competition carefully and understand the wording of the schedule. In the ‘Floristry Competitions’ book, there is a whole chapter on how to read a schedule so that mistakes do not occur. Most important is to start with excellent quality flowers and foliage that are well conditioned and in peak condition.

In the chapter ‘After the competition,’ there are good practices to adopt once the competition is finished.  Take the time to talk to the UK Floristry Judges Guild judge, who will have valuable advice and analyse your marks as this is the best strategy for future success. Be honest with yourself and focus on the aspects you could do better; this will help you in future competitions and your day-to-day work as a florist.

The chapter on overseas competitions is an aid for those designers and their assistants who embark on international competitions and will help explain the preparation and mindset needed to be a world-class winner.

Stewarding a competition can be a rewarding experience helping to understand the organisation of floristry competitions and giving valuable insight into the role of judges. ‘Floristry Competitions’ helps stewards understand the importance of supervising the competition room.

 There is an invaluable guide to judges’ training and judging floristry competitions and evaluating international competitions for judges.

Julia Ryde, chair of the UK Floristry Judges Guild, says

This is a great addition to any competitor or judges’ bookshelf! It is packed full of useful information.  The UKFJG is happy to endorse this book, and it has been a joy working with Lynda, sharing her passion for competitions to develop skills amongst a wide range of florists’.

The competitions to be held at Fleurex on 15th and 16th October 2022 are an ideal time to start competing as there are levels of competition for all, from newcomers to floral designers.

Floristry Competitions is £17.99 plus post and packaging and is available from

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